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News & Announcements
Mok'ra, Tribe!

We've had a busy and successful week with our first guild Heart of Fear run on Tuesday, December 18! It went very well, with about 8 people in attendance. If you are interested in joining these second-teir runs, please get your iLevel up to 470!

Required iLevels for zoning in to...
Mogu'shan Vaults: 460
Heart of Fear: 470
Terrace of Endless Spring: 470

LFR runs will continue over the holidays for those who wish to join, with LFR runs at 7:30 p.m. server time on Thursday, December 27; Tuesday, January 1; Thursday, January 3; and Tuesday, January 8; destinations TBD. So if you're interested in running LFR over the holidays I encourage you to join up with guildies! Spontaneous LFRs may well form up at other times, of course, as these times are not enough to cover all the raid instances, so keep your eyes open!

On Thursday, December 20 the 10-man successfully downed Gara'jal the Spiritbinder for the first time. The 10-man will take a break until after the holidays, when it will resume on January 10.

Oryx and Zlinka will be offline over the holidays, so we wish you all a happy holiday and a happy new year!

- Zlinka

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