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Mok'ra, Tribe!

We had a highly successful run through Dragon Soul yesterday evening, earning achievements, seeing items drop that had never dropped before, and equipping some of our new members!

Zlinka collected the last elementium gem cluster that Wrathion wanted, then went on to bring him Deathwing's steaming, corrupted jawbone. With this, a smoldering piece of his dead father, Wrathion imbued Zlinka's daggers with fabulous power. Zlinka is now the proud wielder of the Fangs of the Father, legendary daggers.

I want to thank everyone who helped Zlinka to earn these daggers. She could never have done this alone. It took dedicated guildmates and raidmates running in the raid every week to collect all the crystals necessary to build these weapons, truly a group effort. It's something Ironsong can be very proud of -- getting a legendary weapon when it is still end-game! Thank you, everyone!

For upcoming events, next week Melikar is running a BWD raid to kill Nefarian and get some achievements on Tuesday, July 3, at 7:30 -- please join us!

On Thursday, July 5, at 7:30 we will assault 10-man Dragon Soul again, but this time we plan to start heroic Dragon Soul in earnest! Be ready!

Very nice! Congratulations! Very happy to hear it! Big Grin

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