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*What looks like the guts of a goblin-made remote speaking system lies propped against the Ironsong Totem, wires and plastic bits sticking out everywhere. On a flat metal surface the following note was scratched out with a nail:*

Mok'ra, Tribe!

The big news of this week is that Ironsong has moved to a new vent server! Please check the "Info" tab of your in-game guild panel for the new login information. This new server is Kretol's, which he is kindly allowing us to use until July, when we will move to a new service of our own courtesy of Jabadue. Many thanks to Jabadue and Kretol for figuring this out and providing this service to Ironsong.

Our Tuesday LFR run was a success! We did discover that queues are much, much shorter if we have a healer in our group. Without a healer, our wait time was 20 minutes. With a healer, the wait time was pretty much zero. Something to keep in mind for next time.

Our Thursday 10 man run was also a success, despite missing many regulars due to RL conflicts this week. We killed Hagara on her frozen platform and evaded her frozen spikes of ice before we had to retire for the night.

Strength and Honor, Ironsong!


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