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Mok'ra, Tribe!

Welcome to the guild, Goldburn! May you bring us honor!

We had an unusual week with the 10-man raid on Tuesday and the LFR run on Wednesday this week. Both went very well! We had about 7 people for the LFR run and we acquired much treasure for our members!

The 10-man raid on Tuesday was a great success -- we defeated Ultraxion very smoothly and quickly, and were even able to venture onto the gunship to get a taste of adventures to come!

Next week the schedule will return to normal, with the LFR run on Tuesday at 7:30 and the 10-man on Thursday at 7:30.

Oryx and Zlinka's time online will be intermittent between 3/15 and 3/19 due to a houseguest, but we may be able to come online later (around 8 or 9 p.m.) on some of those evenings to run a couple 5-mans on our mains or our alts (Zlinka / Ibex and Oryx / Cabochon), and we will be back with bells on on Tuesday!

Have a great week, Ironsong!


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