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News & Announcements
*A piece of parchment hangs from a thin throwing blade embedded in the Ironsong totem. Faint smears of oozy fingerprints glisten at the edges. The following is written in a bold hand in green ink:*

Mok'ra, Tribe!

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Dordis! May you bring us honor!

The Tribe strode into Dragon Soul LFR on Tuesday with 12 people! We had great success, winning 6 pieces of treasure for our members, which will greatly strengthen us in our further battles. Please join us! We run the LFR raid on Tuesdays at 7:30.

Thursday was a red letter day for the Tribe as well, as our 10 man group adventured into Dragon Soul and conquered Zon'Ozz for the first time! We rampaged through Morchok, Yor'sahj, and Alizabal (in Baradin Hold) before returning to Zon'Ozz to perfect our ball bouncing and finally get him down! We then flew up to the top of the tower to confront Hagara, and we almost defeated her before having to retire for the night. Next week, she will breathe her last!

Zlinka successfully pickpocketed Hagara before the battle began, and became the proud owner of a mysterious decoder ring. She is now on the track of the one known untainted black dragon egg, which was smuggled to Ravenholt manor.

Our 10-man raid is moving to Thursday evenings at 7:30, instead of Friday evenings, to better suit people's schedules.

Please join us Mondays at 7:30 in Grommash Hold for fun and socializing at our weekly moot!


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