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Mok'ra, Tribe!

Please join me in welcoming our new member, Allexa. May you bring us great honor!

And congratulations to Ugnasht, Pheadralyn, and Shemhamfrash on their promotion to full member!

On Tuesday night at 7:30 we ventured into LFR Dragon Soul with 7 members with great success, winning seven pieces of treasure to strengthen our Tribesmates! We run every Tuesday at 7:30 -- join us!

On Thursday night we ventured into Dragon Soul where we defeated Morchok handily. Then we parachuted down into a smelly, oozing maw where attempted, and conquered, Yor'sahj the Unsleeping for the first time! Congratulations, Tribe, on a job well done! We then proceeded Baradin Hold where we brought down Alizabal with her many spinning blades.

Join us on Monday nights at 7:30 in Grommash hold for socializing and fun at our weekly moot.



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