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News & Announcements
*A rough tablet of slate hangs from a leather strap on the totem. The following words are written on it in green chalk, in a forward-leaning hand*

Mok'ra, Tribe!

I would like to welcome our newest members, PheadraLyn and Sciuto! May you bring us great honor.

Congratulations to Aeln on her promotion to full member of our guild! We are happy to have you.

Ironsong ventured into LFR Dragon Soul with 9 people last Tuesday with enormous success. Our group formed over a third of the raid. We won much treasure for our members! Reperkussion in particular got five new pieces of gear, followed by Sevdrith (4), Vilemoon (3) and Sbin (3), Sreng (2), and Oryx (1) and Zlinka (1). This is a great boon for our Tribe, and will greatly strengthen us in future battles. We run on Tuesdays at 7:30. Join us! It's more fun to fight alongside friends, and with a group of us it increases our chances of winning items for each other.

On Friday we conquered Alizabal for the first time, deep in the murky, cobwebby depths beneath the fortress of Baradin Hold. We then went into the icy wastes of Dragon Soul to defeat Morchok and make progress against Zon'Ozz. We tried a new strategy of ball bouncing which felt more 'healable' to our healers than last week's strategy. We look forward to perfecting that strategy and defeating him in the near future.

There was no moot last week due to Sreng's absence, but in general moots are held every Monday at 7:30 p.m. in Grommash Hold. Join us for socializing and fun!


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