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News & Announcements
*A blue rectangle of paper, made from Frostweave processed with bark fibers, hangs from a silver dagger. Beneath the hilt the following words are written in vibrant red ink:*

Mok'ra, Tribe!

I welcome our latest new peon, Eveleyn, to the guild. May you bring honor to Ironsong and to the Horde! New peons, if you have not done so please sign our Code of Conduct and fill out an application here on the totem so you may be considered for full membership when your month of trial has passed.

Ironsong ventured into Ulduar with great success, defeating Yogg-Saron without going insane. We returned from his prison covered in glory and little bits of brain. ((The Ulduar achievement run was enormously successful, with some members earning upwards of thirty achievements!))

We returned to Sartherion and killed him before any of his drakes could drop down on us, and we defeated Halion the Twilight Destroyer in both dimensions.

We look forward to venturing into Firelands on Friday, and on further expeditions into the Outlands and Northrend!


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