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New recipes on trainers
Just so people know there are new recipes on trainers now that where not there before.They used to be found recipes.

The enchanter trainer in uldaman had 2 that saltin did not have .
The alchemy trainer in stonard had 2 new ones also.
Blacksmith trainers had new throwing weapons .

have not checked the engineer trainers yet.

Saltin (mage 375tailor ,375 enchanter)
Lucrenda (Rogue 375miner ,352 smith)
Asaram (Hunter 375skinner 351 leatherworker)
Pahakan (Warrior 350herbs 375alchemy )
Mantiki (Shaman 355miner 363engineer)
Hoti (Warlock 190Miner 350 jeweler)
Have Alt Will Travel
Ooooh! Thanks for the info!
I just picked up 6 new leatherworking patterns in Camp Mojache. Thanks for the help!
The Stonard one seem to only have one recipe available to me. Does he switch between which he has available?
I only saw one at Stonard as well - Greater Arcane Elixir. Perhaps I'd already picked up the other recipe from a drop at some point.
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