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New Raids
IST has been organizing some new raids. These are an excellent opportunity to see new content, gear-up for the 25-man, and get valuable experience. They have been needing people, particularly tanks and healers.

Would the raid leaders please post the times of their raids here and what roles you are in particular need of?

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
I run ICC at 7pm on Wednesday nights. I'm in particular need of 3 dedicated healers for my raid, preferably one being a resto druid.
I know no one can make it to every raid, but I need to at least have some healers to rely on so I don't have fiascos like last night.
If you want more information, get with me or Gupaljinda in game and we'll fill you in.

Also, its not official yet, but once we find out from our regulars what times they are available, we are going to start a second 10man night ( maybe on the weekend?) for 10man Ulduar and 10man ToC to help gear us up for ICC. Again, whoever is interested, let myself or Gupaljinda know in game by whisper or by mail!

Finally, on Saturday evenings at 6pm, I run instances with the guild. The more people I have for my runs, the more emblems we get, the more we get people geared up. Last week we only had 5 people attend, and we had an awesome time, we managed to do 4 heroics in a short time as well as hitting some BC content for achievements. Eventually, with numbers I want to make this a race and see who can complete either the most dungeons in a set amount of time, or, which group can complete a list of dungeons in the shortest amount of time(there will be prizes!). If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll get you signed up.

Hope to see you soon!
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Relaying to/from Silverhand forums for Lucinther
Donalzon is currently MT and raid leader for an ICC 10 man that runs on Wed and Mon typically from 5:30ST-8:30ST. This raid is presently full. I have had the same 10 people with a few reliable alternates for the last month running.

Donalnob a new 80 warlock was planning/interested in starting up a 10 man ToC which could eventually develop into another ICC raid. I feel my time commitments are such that I can't commit to the raid indefinitely but I can play enough that I can get the group established. I would be interested in someone taking on raid leadership and I can be an advisor to them. For the time being I feel like it would be a once a week raid so dependable attendance is preferable. I am open to working with any raid level/experience as long as there is a willingness to improve. Any players interested should have at least heroic level gear. I would like to give preference to players that are currently attending or want to develop for the 25 man IST raid. As there seems to be interest in a weekend it seems that would be the ideal time to have it. If you are interested please send a PM to Donalnob in game. State your class/spec, times available/times preferred, and if you are willing to take on leadership responsibilities.

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Homer, The Iliad
*coughs* http://ironsongtribe.com/forum/viewtopic...969#p27969

((I have updated it with definitive times so people may schedule. As well as its open to any interested and not just alts.))
Gupaljinda and I have added a 10man Ulduar/ToC to our raid schedules on Sundays, invites starting at 4:30pm, raid at 5:00pm server time. Again, we are in need of healers for this. Preferably one being a resto druid.

This raid is designed to help gear up those wishing to go to ICC 10 and 25man encounters.

If there is interest, let myself, or Gupa know in some way shape or form!
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