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New Kara Group?
hey what do you all think about maybe making a new kara/t4 group for the lesser geared people in the guild. I have done the entire dungeon as DPS and as a tank and have lead more than a few raids in there, so I know the whole place pretty well. Anyone have comments complaints questions or want to help with this let me know either here or in game ~naamah/sunjian
I never want to squash anyone's enthusiasm, especially when they are volunteering for something. Smile
However, given that the patch is just a few weeks away, and the level cap is being raised, the benefit to folks short term will be minimal with any new gear. Additionally once the patch comes out most people will skip Kara entirely and just move onto Northrend content and quest gear/dungeon gear.

That being said the new talent changes have resulted in significant boosts to DPS for most people, especially in limited gear. And the reduction in melee DPS and HPs for mobs in all raid dungeons will allow you guys to tear through Kara in a hurry.

I am not sure what Amato and Kosath have planned for the current Kara group, we did quite well in ZA on Monday so it may turn into a ZA run for the next few weeks.
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I would like to get Kard at least some stuff before going to Northrend. I'm afraid throwing him into ZA once he hits 70 will only result in him dying...a lot.
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Well put Cloud and Melikar. To clarify a bit Karazhan is my favorite dungeon and those of you who went in last night know we full cleared it with no wipes in under 3 hours, I am primarily looking for badges which might get some new gear available, I think 22 badges in 3 hours is a pretty good rate, I can't figure where I could that many anywhere else in that much time.

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