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New Intelligence on the Scourge Front.
*red mist swirls and eddies and begins taking shape in the form of a red cowled and hobbled little being of only semi-permeable matter*
*hisses* I am Krass of Nod but fear me not I mean you no harm great Ironsong Tribe, I am a shade that serves the family Thade in this realm and in the next. The family member that I believe you know, is the one you call Naamah. She instructed me to bring this here...
*sets down a parchment scroll and moves away from it*

Dearest Ironsong Tribe,
My new family, I hope this missive finds you in good health and good spirits. I am still currently investigating the rumors coming out from under Blackrock Mountain. I will make this short, the dwarves in the undermountain are whispering tales of a quelled evil returning. The cultists of the twilight shadow seem to be the ones perpetuating this insistence. It seems that this investigation is pointing me toward the very lands I detest the greatest, the plaguelands.

I am not entirely sure but I think the Aliiance are up to something, I believe it could have something to do with the cursed continent of Northrend. The very continent that the jaded prince Arthas took up the cursed blade Froustmourne and then forged the plaguelands only to then crush my lands to resurrect his master Kel Thu'Zad. The continent was surrounded at the time by large chunks of free floating ice, but when Arthas retreated to the island to tend to his besieged king, the ice solidified once again forming an impenetrable "sea" of ice. However we believe that the humans are cutting a passage through the ice, mind you we as of yet do not have any evidence to support this.

If its true we are all in for war the likes of which has not been seen for 5 years. I am likely going to filter in amongst the cultists Kel Thu'Zad had gathered while spreading the plague, their information could prove useful. If anyone needs assistance in the plaguelands, send me a message and I will respond with exigency. Naturally I would go ask Kel Thu'zad myself but I have not as of yet been able to get into his fortress Naxxramas.

In service to the
Warchief and Ironsong,

*the shade moves to pick up the parchment*

*the shade fades out to red mist and swims off through the air before dissipating*

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