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New Damage meaters.
This is a Little Site that My Friend Gioron From the Blood Cult Guild has show us.

This quote was from the Blood Cult Forums.

Gioron Wrote:Not sure how useful this will be to people, but I was on an ironsong raid over the weekend. Missed the first day due to auto-CL not turning on (dang char specific settings!), but got the second. Illhoof, shade of aran, prince, and a few attempts at nightbane (note the burst damage on the tank on the first attempt. ouch.).


Check teh link above for Sunday nights Raid.

((Sadly enought My Powersupply in my computer Got fried about 7 Minutes into the raid ))

You can Use this tool to help your raiding, And even compare your rad to others

Just be known this is a Show all type tool. and it's not 100% accurate.

Check out this site if you'd like to sing up.
Geeze, they actually have websites dedicated to this stuff...?

woo, 0% damage done! *flex*

note, gholjan beat me in deaths! huzzah!
Damage Meters have ruined so many aspects of the game.

The next time I'm tanking and the mage opens with Pyro POM Pyro with trinkets?

I'm letting them die.

Too many people have become obsessed with being at the top of the charts.
I Understand how you feel that way. But for my this can really help in a raid. It's kind of like Football team looking at there past games. they can see where mistakes where made. and how to correct them.

But really for me it's just for fun.
Oh, I completely agree as long as that is what it is being used for. I use a damage meter on my hunter so he and his paladin friend can figure out which spec builds work best together. And as long as everyone is of that same mindset, as I'm sure we here all are, that's fine.

I was just making a general statement about Damage Meters that mostly applies to partial or complete pugs. It has become an easy measure of one's e-peen, especially among the DPS classes. Which quickly becomes unhealthy for groups.
I dunno, as far as this raid is concerned (vanguard) they all know what they should and shouldn't do, (they all run KLH threat meter too, which is a MUST now, unless you want your tank enfeebled on prince melchazzar) so this just becomes a good tool for many. This isn't JUST a damage output meter either, as was said: you can see the burst damage Serous received on Nightbane, and many other things as well that need to be known sometimes, whether it be in the healing tree, or how much a certain tank takes during a certain fight. (oh and btw, I saw Nightbane crushing blow Efluvious for 6374 the other night...ouch, add that to a cleave for 4-6k and I'm down to 2-4k health left. That burst damage HURTS)
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

[Image: playerfeed_1902018_bigsig.gif]
...The fact it tells me how many times I ate Deviate Fish stupidly amuses me.
I've picked up the KLT threat meter, (and love the fact it shows me vs my pet) but I don't know if I want a damage meter, mostly because I would want to know where I sit on it, and would try to boost it likly.

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