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New 25-man Naxx setup.
Okay, I'm actually fairly new to Ironsong, but it's come to my attention that the old 25-man Naxx times and team have switched to being an Ulduar run instead, leaving the guild without a weekly Naxx to gear up FOR Ulduar. So, I, and a few other members (Kisokutsuchi and whoever else volunteers to be part of the raid management) have begun work to set up a new raid schedule.

I also know that I tend to go overboard with planning things, but still, there are other raids in the works, so we need to make sure this one doesn't conflict with those, and make people chose between them. Which makes the best days, as far as I can tell, monday and saturday. (Though we'd be without Kiso on Monday)

SO! I'm sticking it here, in poll form, to see who can make which. Whichever day is better for you. The day that gets the most votes will be the day we go with. (Though, arguably, a 'raid saturday and cleanup monday' schedule would work... That's what my current Naxx does.)

Please put up a reply with the best times for you guys, too. That'll be the next thing we work out.
(PS, I stuck my vote on Saturday)
Monday is best for me, as I don't have work.
Saturday I work until about 10:30p.
Both days work for me. But I won't be able to attend until Xerrik is 80 of course. However, please keep Xartok in mind if you absolutely need a raider to fill a spot. I'm usually on both nights, but an in game mail or just the mass invite that jabadue did with the in game guild calendar will remind me.

You can add Faeriel to the list for healing.
I've been trying to help Donalzon in Ulduar but overall she is not geared well enough so more naxx loot would really help. It will depend on the times for me also.

I encourage and applaud your efforts to help the tribe. Well done.

Sing True Ironsong!
Well, currently, it looks like it'll be monday, and from what Kretol tells me, dispite Silver Hand being a west-coast server (My internet provider tracked the ping on Silver Hand, when I said I was having trouble logging in, to somewhere in Los Angeles(sp?)) The majority of Ironsong are on the east coast... Which means It'll probably wind up being a more east-coast friendly time.

Of course, not knowing what an east-coast-friendly time IS is going to be a problem... sometime between four and eight, server time, I think. (Which would translate to seven to ten east-coast) It'd really help if people started suggesting times that'd work for them.

It also depends on how much time we're going to give it to try for a full-clear, since, if monday, we'll only get one day.
Generally, IST raid times have been a start time of 6-6:30p server.
*nods* That works for me, and if it's what works for everyone else, then that's what we'll go with.

I'm a little sad that Kiso's busy then. He was supposed to help me manage this whole thing... *sigh* Ehh, I think I can handle it on my own as long as someone reminds me about the Ironsong 'weight' loot thing... *is still a tad boggled by that*
I can help organize as well if needed.
I may be able to come, but don't depend on me every week. Between the 2 25 mans and my 2 10 mans I'd like to leave a little time open in my week. I have a few players not in guild that have been attending my 10 mans that need naxx gear though that I'll refer to you. For those following this post just another plug for the 10 mans, we do ulduar on wed at 5:30 ST, progression has been slow, we only have 2 bosses down, if you are interested send me a tell, but you should already be mostly raid geared. The 10 man naxx is for anyone and everyone and we do that Sunday at 12:30ST.

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Homer, The Iliad
I would recommend that you just roll 1-100 for this raid and need try to manage the weighted rolls.

Also, I think even with a well-geared and experienced raid, 4-5 hours is a conservative estimate of the time to clear Naxx.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
I'd be interested in taking my hunter Wiskana to either day.
[Image: IST_Noodle2_sm.jpg]
It takes the raid I usually run with six hours, on a good week. (This being spread betweek two days, four hours saturday, and three hours monday before we call it; so we've only got seven hours to try anyway)

I really should have put in an 'either day works' option... but then again, that might defeat the question of 'which is better, regardless of whether you can make either'...
ill def come with when possible....but i dont know if im geared up enough for 25 man...
I should be able to make either day, but I prefer Saturdays as I am on the east coast and get up at 5 AM during the work week.
i can make it either day as dps and my brother can make it either day as a healer or dps if you need him. his name's astanthus

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