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Nevlag's begining.
In the cold snows of Northern Winterspring, a young Orc sits in a knee-high pile of rocks and snow. It is nightfall, and the skies were clear and the stars were numerous. Several Frostsabers gather around the young Orc, sniffing his frost-bitten body and pawwing at his green flesh.

Nevlag was cold, confused, and most definetly inchoherent. He was strewn, half naked, across a white plain with no signs of life nearby. The only thing there to notice him were the Frostsabers, the native cats to Winterspring. They sat and watched as he sprawled across the ground, flailing his body. He rose up, slowly, to find the Frostsabers sniffing and playing with his weak limbs.

"What..what is this?" Nevlag studdered. He stumbled across the field over rocks and snow, trying to regain his balance. He rubbed his head and started to lean over in pain.

One of the Frostsabers approched him. The largest of them all, he was obviously the leader. He put his warm face across the chest of the Orc, and started to pur.

"Ahh, back off! What are you doing?!" Nevlag yelled as he fell backwards. The Sabers became anxious, jolting backwards and snarling their teeth. The leader once again stepped forward, and put himself down next to Nevlag. At that moment, he began to mutter out words.

"I am Siam'Rotam, leader of the Frostsaber. You..you are unfamiliar to us..you are strange." Sian dumped his head into Nevlags lap, and began to roll around.

"You..you can talk? I must be going crazy..where are my parents? Where is my father and mother? And where is Cham?" Nevlag said. He began to look around the area, searchign for some signs of his family and his fathers wolf. But he saw nothing..just the foggy sky and the small snow-flakes that fell from the sky. He began to cry.

Sian slowy got up and motioned for another Saber to come over. It was a light blue one, with black stripes across its body. It walked up in haste but yet had a great grace to its stride. The Saber looked at SIan and mummered, "He is scared..afraid of us. He must have some sort of family or friends he was here with..we must help him, Sian!" The Saber moved over to Nevlag and put a paw on his hand. "I am Shy'Rotam, mate of Sian. Do not be afraid of us, young Orc. Please, tell us your story, we are not here to harm you!"

Nevlag was stunned for a moment, still dissillusioned from the fact he was hearing felines speak to him. He began to dry his tears on his loincloth, and he spoke. "I..I am Nevlag..and I came here with my family to hunt Bears..but I got lost and I don't know where family is and..and.." Nevlag once again burst into tears and fell over on his chest. He began to wail and scream the name of his father, Tartarek, and his mother, Letah. Sian and Shy both began to inch closer to the boy, and cuddled up against him. The other Frostsabers were taken aback, each one looking on in amazement. Sian yelled some orders in their tounge, and soon enough, they were taken into the Frostsaber Den and there they fell asleep.

After months of isolation, Nevlag begins to warm up to the Frostsabers. He has, and still does, grieved for his parents and wishes that he may one day find his family. But for now, the Frostsabers have willingly taken him and began to treat him as one of their own.

"Shy, Sian, look!" Nevlag yelled as he threw a giant rock across the field, barely missing a Frostsaber Prowler. He laughed and ran after the rock, jumping on the Prowler and wrestling it as he ran bye. Sian and Shy both smiled, and watched as the Orc playfully ran around tagging the other Sabers as if it was a game. This was the life Nevlag lived for some years, until he turned 10. This, in the eyes of the Frostsaber, was his year to begin learning how to be a fighter. Sian took him to the top of Frostsaber rock, and spoke to him.

"You are old enough now, Nevlag, to learn to fight and defend your home. You are old enough now to learn how to survive in this world." Nevlag nodded in approval, and without another word, Sian nudged him off the cliff. Nevlag plummited to the snow below, his back landing hard on the ground. He laid there for several seconds, dazed. But soon after he got up, and began to walk. The snow behind him was covered in blood and slowly melting away from the heat. Nevlag climbed Frostsaber Rock, and came back to Sian.

"You..you almost got me killed! You almost got me killed!" Nevlag screamed at SIan. As he did so, Sian pushed him once again. Nevlag fell even harder into the ground, as there was nothing to break his fall. Nevlag's back now had more open wounds, and now he was limping back up the rock. Slowly, Nevlag began to speak.

"You're a crazed fool, Sian! You're risking my life! For what! This isn't training, this is murder!"

"Nevlag, you need to learn the meaning of pain. Because if you do not, you can not put your own pain aside for the good of otthers." And without warning, Sian pushed Nevlag for a third time. But now, Nevlag had a feeling and as he hit the ground, he landed feet first, and unscarred. SIan creeped over the edge, looked down, and smiled.

"Your training has begun."

As Nevlag began to train with Sian and the Frostsabers, he learned other secrets of the world. His first creatinon was a makeshift bow, crafted from stones and twigs. Years passed, and under the watchful eye of Sian, he grew to become a Frostsaber Hunter.

"Son, you are now a true Frostsaber. You have learned all I and the Frostsaber Clan have to offer..and more. You have taken what we can offer and found its full potential. You, my son, are a true Frostsaber Hunter." Sian let out a hacking cough as he spoke, and he stumbled. He was growing old and began to fall behind the other Frostsabers. He was no longer in his prime.

"Father, you are not well. Please, go rest, I am grateful for your words but you are in no condition to go any further." Nevlag tried to turn Sian in the direction of his mother, Shy'Rotam, yet he would not budge. Nevlag then began to pick up Sian from the stomach, and he carried him across the field to his den. There, he laid Sian down and sat with him.

"Father..you have done so much for me. I knew nothing of this world when you found me, yet what I know now is more then enough to guide me. I am going to set out on my own adventure..I am going to travel around the world and seek my place. I will never forget the Frostsabers and what you have done for me, and I will always visit you. But, I only wish I could take something from here with me, so I can never be apart from home." And that was the moment Nevlag knew he was ready for a companion. A swift, aqua-blue Frostsaber ran into the Den, and pounced on top of Nevlag. It was his longtime playmate, Rak'shiri, who he had nicknamed Splash. Splash ran his tounge up and down Nevlags face in amusement, and Nevlag rolled around with him.

Sian and Shy both looked in approval at the two, and looked at each other. Shy'Rotam let out a vigorous roar, and said, "Nevlag, you have found your companion. I know that you and Splash shall forever be friends and you will work together. You shall both travel and seek others in this world. Go, go now, and find what awaits." Sian attempted to speak, but could not. He nodded in approval, and that was all Nevlag needed. He gathered his makeshift bow, stapped on his leather jerkin, and ran off with Splash into the snow.

As Nevlag and Splash roamed around the world, he heard of the great city of Orgrimmar. He rememberd the town somehow, and knew he must seek it out.

The Gates of Orgrimmar loomed overhead, the banners flapping in the wind. The guards stood still, axes in hand. Nevlag and Splash both looked into the Hall and ran in. Everything came into view. The people, the shops, the life. He was stunned, frozen in place and as he gazed into the crowds, he noticed others like him. Other Orc's, something he had never known existed.

"Splash, this is amazing! What a huge city..nothing at all like home!" Nevlag shouted running towards the Inn. Nevlag sat down at a table, and began to exchange stories with the others at the Tavern. That was the day Nevlag began his trials, the day that he set out in Durotar to become the Hunter that the Frostsabers had trained him to be.

Nevlag is now older, wiser, and toughened. He has battle scars strewn across his body, and his equipment bears down on his shoulders.

"Splash..I owe you everything..I owe the Frostsabers everything. Look at me now..look at what I have become. I've been molded into a fighter..I've been crafted into something I thought I never would be." Splash purred and brushed against his leg. Nevlag looked across the open lanes of Orgrimmar, and felt a warm sensation flow through him.

"Splash..we have done it. We have honored the Frostsabers and honored ourselves. All that is left is to honor our fellow bretheren. We must find ourselves a family, a new home." He had heard of a tribe known as Ironsong, and seen some of their members in combat. He knew that he must attend a meeting.

At a moot that same week, Nevlag sat in the back row of the crowd, looking upon the speaker. He was a bulky Tauren, with a white face. Everyone spoke to him as Kosath. And besides him were others..another Hunter, a Troll named Sreng. A Priestess stood also, called Shillatae. And poking through them all was Eveline, a spunky little Warlock.

Nevlag sat through the entire meeting, listening intently to all the stories the folks had brought. He knew that this is where he was to be. When it was his turn, Nevlag approached the few at the front, bowed and slowly spoke.

"My name is Nevlag, and I am a Hunter. I have followed some of your Tribemates and wish to join your band." He was quite nervous, seeing as these were strangers to him. The one known as Kosath looked at him and laughed.

"You are very outright, Nevlag. But I see something in you, I see something special. We wish to welcome you into Ironsong, as a peon, and wish to undergo our Initiation. Do you accept?"

With a large grin and a wide nod, Nevlag banded with The Ironsong Tribe. From that day forward, Nevlag was not only a Frostsaber, but an Ironsinger.
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