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So Saerrina mentioned me to you, did she? Sweet kid, heart's in the right place. But she needs to mind her own business. Since I am here though, I may as well answer your questions.

First, I am Neely. And my vocation, blood knight.

My history is not important to anyone but me and perhaps in the ways it affected others. Saerrina misrepresents me by calling me a "childhood" friend. A helping hand from her childhood, perhaps, but not my own. Not even remotely. I happened to be on hand when the old city was destroyed and the little mite needed rescuing. I helped a few folks get to safety but watched far more fall, either to death or the mindless existence that is the wretched. I took it upon myself to check on the child and her mentors whenever my path went through Silvermoon. Perhaps this is why she has dubbed me "friend."

Professions, eh? Why you wanna know about those things? Want to make me work already? Well, I'll tell you anyway, I suppose. Flowers. I like to stop and smell the flowers. Then pluck them up, smash them to bits, and turn them into things far more useful. I am a mediocre cook and fisherman, don't have the time for them mostly. And I can whip out bandages pretty quickly, even keep a stash on me for emergencies. Like to be prepared, you know.

Next on your list is guild associations. Well, Saerrina told you about that too. Bloodhoof Brigands. Fun people, many of them. But like that orc told you, not so honorable at times. As long as it was just me, I didn't let that little bit bother me. Even went into Ironforge with them last Winter Veil. But when these others came along on my word, I had to look at things a little deeper. When I did, I found I didn't fit as well as I thought either. So I parted ways myself. Brings me to a mention of the friend of mine Saerrina also mentioned, Protesilaus. You won't be seeing him for a bit, at least not a writing on your totem here. He's taking a brief hiatus from guild affiliations after that parting of ways.

Why am I interested in the Ironsong Tribe? Mainly so I can continue to keep an eye on these youngins, I suppose. I'm more of a loner so you might not see all that much of me anyway.

Trials are too numerous to name. So I won't. Goals, I have none. That way I can't fail. Desires, none of those either. That way, I can't be disappointed. And what I find most enjoyable? Seeing others overcome trials, reach goals, realize desires. That's enough for me. So I help where I can.

I have read the Tribe's Code of Conduct. Since it sounds pretty much like I conduct myself anyway, I can abide by it.

((I mentioned Neely is an alt of Saerrina. I have not really developed her storyline though; so much of it is still gray area for me. For the sake of separating the applications for the "group" though, I wanted to write up the connection and establish Neely's personality at least.))
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