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Need quest help.
I picked up that quest from the ogre in lower city and he sent me over to the ogre at Blade's edge. When I got to him, he gave me three quests, each requiring a group to do. I want to get these three done so that I can start the dailies for him. So if you are lvl 70, have a flying mount, and have time to help, please let me know and we can arrange a group and time.
Can also do the quest if someone else is doing it, even allaince. Just have to pick up what they drop
Saltin (mage 375tailor ,375 enchanter)
Lucrenda (Rogue 375miner ,352 smith)
Asaram (Hunter 375skinner 351 leatherworker)
Pahakan (Warrior 350herbs 375alchemy )
Mantiki (Shaman 355miner 363engineer)
Hoti (Warlock 190Miner 350 jeweler)
Have Alt Will Travel
I'd like to do this on my mage, and I know Eonah needs to do it as well. If we can nab a tank and maybe another DPS from somewhere, that should work. We're both on most evenings... I'll try to remember to poke you in game. =)
Vythika would love to help if she's around!

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