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Necksnapper, Seaman and Adventurer.
Necksnapper. Currently, Second Mate on the Barquentine, "Barbican's Revenge" registered in Booty Bay and presently anchored offshore awaiting cargo.

No vocation.

A hard life at sea has obliged him to become nominally proficient in the Way of the Warrior. Fast with his fists ,when riled on deck, and always the first over the side with an axe during a boarding action.
Little of the nobler virtues often claimed by those of the sword are known to him. Valour, bravery, kinship are as yet unknown. Mercy is an anathema and chivalry is for those who can afford it.

Born of the poorest unwashed of his clan. Father killed by who knows whom. One more drunken Orc in a paupers grave.
Mother took the remaining family to Booty Bay to obtain work stitching canvass in the Sail Lofts of that place.

The rest of his early life is surrounded in mystery. Some say his kin were sold into slavery others that they were lost at sea while crossing to Ratchet. At sea, no one knows and fewer could care less.

Formative years were spent as a Deckboy on the ferries that ply their trade betweem Ratchet and Booty Bay. He slowly climbed through the ranks on anything that floated, (and some that did not) on trading vessels along that seaboard.

His reputation as a hard-nosed officer whose crew do what they are asked, when asked ,and do not give up their goods to pirates without blood being shed; gains him employment where he wishes.

5) A sailor with few social graces he has never been welcomed in any community ashore. (Excepting of course, the usual seamans Coastal Inns and Houses of Ill-Repute.)

6) The fame of the Ironsong Tribe is well known and Necksnapper seeks a home ashore behind your palisades.
With no home or kin to speak too, perhaps he grows weary of life at sea and spending his time in shoreside hovels that are the usual lot of his kind.

Does Necksnapper crave companionship and the warmth of a campfire? Subconsiously ,perhaps, he seeks a redemption for his deads as the dark night grows ever tighter round his sea blackened soul.

8) At this time, mainly survival is the goal. Necksnapper's long term plan is to make sufficient gold to buy his own ship to trade the sea lanes where others fear to sail. He cares little where that gold will come from, Skins, Ore or the ransome of the occasional pirate prisoner who values his own life enough to pay for it.

9) Humourous exchanges with travellers as a break from the mayhem.

10) Necksnapper has put his blood mark on the Articles of The Ironsong Tribe and agrees to Terms and Conditions. A friendly exchange in an Inn at Ogrimmar resulted in Dentik agreeing , (with some reservation it has to be said), to introducing Necksnapper to The Tribe.

It has been explained, and he understands, that if any of his past and unknown misdeeds become common knowledge, he will quickly be removed from the The Ironsong Tribe.
Out of Character.

As I am unknown to Guild members I thought a short intro might be useful?

I am female, adult player with two years experience at WoW. I have two end game characters one at Silver Hand on the Alliance side called Allarielle.

This is Horde character is my first here and has been created exclusively to take part in Role Playing. I have some experience of RP'ing on forums but none in game. It has taken me to lev 35 to come across some serious players and look forward to meeting you i.c.

Only other point is that I live in New Zealand so am one day ahead of game time and 5 hours behind! The Moot clashes with work but I will endeavour to make it when I can, if invited . I play for a while every day so am bound to catch up with you.
((OOC: One thing I understand is that Horde RP is very hard to come across. Whereas Alliance-side, it seems to be everywhere. However, it seems to be quite dramatic over there. Hopefully an officer can view this and approve! See you in game.))
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
I intend to sponsor Neckbreaker for admission, though I may not be present for the Moot. Please advise him at the next convenient event for where to go.
Peonship granted 07/02/2009.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
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