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Nazgrim nutshell guide
General Nazgrim nutshell guide

We will fight General Nazgrim in the caverns under Orgrimmar. We will enter the cleft of Shadow, then Ragefire Chasm, and will fight Nazgrim in the first large room of Ragefire.

During this fight we'll fight Nazgrim and waves of adds.

Nazgrim is a warrior with several warrior-type mechanics. Nazgrim has a Rage resource, abilities that cost Rage to use, and three warrior stances (Battle, Berserker, and Defensive stances).

At the start of the fight Nazgrim has 0 Rage, but there are a number of mechanics in the fight that allow him to GAIN Rage. This is important, because MOST of his abilities cost him Rage to use. Every 15 seconds Nazgrim will cast the most Rage-expensive ability he can afford. And the more expensive the ability, the more damaging it is to us.

Our goal, as a raid, is to cause him to gain AS LITTLE RAGE AS POSSIBLE and thus prevent him from using his most costly, and thus most damaging, abilities against us.

Nazgrim gains rage from his stances, and his abilities. His stances are:

Nazgrim's Stances & Rage Gain

* Battle Stance causes Nazgrim to generate 1 Rage every second.
* Berserker Stance increases his damage done and damage taken by 25%. In this stance he does NOT generate Rage every second, BUT the Rage his abilities generate is doubled (see below on his rage-generating abilities).
* Defensive Stance reduces his damage taken by 10% AND causes him to gain 3 Rage every time he is attacked though not more than once per second. Attacks made on the boss by the TANKS do NOT cause him to generate Rage.

Nazgrim's abilities * Rage Gain

Nazgrim has two abilities that don't cost him Rage to use:

* Sundering Blow: damaging attack + 10% armor reduction debuff per stack against his current target -- almost always the tank. Causes Nazgrim to gain 5 Rage. IF he casts it against a target that ALREADY has a stack of the debuff, he'll gain 5 more rage --> this requires a tank swap.

* Bonecracker: spell cast on random raid members. It's a bleed effect that lasts 30 seconds and reduces max health by 10%.

These abilities all cost Rage:

* 30 Rage: Heroic Shockwave. Nazgrim will leap at the location of a random raid member, dealing a lot of physical damage to all players within 10 yards. When he lands, three lines of fire on the ground appear -- called Aftershocks -- and a few seconds later these erupt and deal a LOT of fire damage to any players they touch. Nazgrim gains 3 Rage for every player that takes damage from Aftershock.

* 50 Rage: Kor'kron Banner. This is a banner that causes the attacks of ALL adds present in the fight to grand Nazgrim 3 rage.

* 70 Rage: War Song. Raid-wide damaging attack that causes players to take 50% of their max health as physical damage.

* 100 Rage: Ravager. Nazgrim throws a weapon at the location of a random raid member. It can't be targeted or attacked, and will continue to spin in place at that location until the end of the fight, dealing very high physical damage to any players in a 6 yard radius, AND granding Nazgrim 5 Rage every time a player takes damage from it.


Every 45 seconds Nazgrim will summon two adds. There are 4 types, and he'll always summon two at random.

* Kor'kron Ironblades. These are warrior-type NPCs that cast Ironstorm (a whirlwind-type attack) and Last Stand at 50% health (increases the max health by 25% and heals them for 25% as well).

* Kor'kron Assassins. These are rogue-type NPCs that start in Stealth. They Backstab if they can get behind a player. They cast Assassins's Mark, causing them to fixate on a non-tank raid member.

* Kor'kron Arcweavers. These are mage-type NPCs that cast Arcane Shock (an interruptible single-target nuke on a random raid member). Each successful cast of Arcane Shock buffs the Arcweaver with a stack of a buff that increases their damage. They also cast Magistrike (interruptible AoE that also causes them to take a DoT), and Unstable Blink.

* Kor'kron Warshamans. These are shaman-type NPCs that cast Earth Shield on an ally (Nazgrim or another add) which heals the target for 5% of their max health the next time they take damage. They cast Empowered Chain Heal, an interruptible chain heal that jumps to up to 5 targets healing each for an increasing amount, and Healing Tide Totem, a totem that has low health and heals allies within 8 yards for a massive amount of health (30% of their max health every 3 seconds).


Despite all the adds and abilities, the strategy is fairly straightforward.

First, we'll AoE down all the Orgrimmar Faithful before we focus on Nazgrim. Then we'll deal with Nazgrim and his adds.

General Nazgrim

Through the entire fight the tanks will have to perform a tank swap on the boss, in order to ensure that Nazgrim never attacks a player who is debuffed with Sundering Blow.

Healers will have to respond to Bonecracker -- a bleed effect placed on random players. Healers should also expect increased damage from Nazgrim when he's in Berserker stance. Healers must be prepared for the high (50% of everyone's health) from War Song attack. Players with the Bonecracker bleed effect are ESPECIALLY vulnerable at this time.

Next, the raid needs to keep Nazgrim's Rage as LOW as possible. This means NOBODY except the tank debuffed with Sundering Blow should attack him during Defensive Stance.and all raid members should avoid Nazgrim's abilities. Specifically:

* Spread Out: Stay spread out to avoid extra damage from Nazgrim's "Heroic Shockwave" leap-and-land attack. All players must subsequently move out of the Aftershocks of this effect.
* Kill the Banner: The raid must kill the Kor'kron Banner immediately, ESPECIALLY if there are adds alive. It's weak and should take only a few seconds.
* War Song 50% health reduction: healers must respond to this. Players with Bonecracker are especially vulnerable.
* Ravager: Move away from the spinning weapons.


Adds are always top priority, except the Ironblade who can be cleaved along with Nazgrim.

* Ironblades need to be tanked. They should be killed by Ranged DPS during Ironstorm. Be prepared that the add will heal itself at 50% health.
* Assassins must be stunned and killed as quickly as possible. It's nice if hunters can keep flares up. Anyone who is fixated must make sure to face them to avoid Backstab. These adds must be tanked when they're not fixated on someone.
* Arcweavers must be interrupted as much as possible. They should never be allowed to cast Magestrike. But interrupts of Arcane Shock are nice too. They don't need to be tanked.
* Warshamans must be interrupted as much as possible. They should never be allowed to cast Empowered Chain Heal, and their Earth Shield must be dispelled quickly. Totems must be killed right away. Make sure never to bring enemies to the totems. Warshaman also don't need to be tanked.

Kill order:
1) Warshamans
2) Arcweavers
3) Assassins
4) Ironblades -- can kill these until the boss enters defensive stance if defensive stance is coming soon.

Use bloodlust during Berserker Stance when Nazgrim takes 25% increased damage.


* Tank swap on Nazgrim to handle Sundering Blow
* Tank mobs away from the Healing Tide Totems and away from Ravager Weapons

* Be aware of raid-wide damage from War Song. Use cooldowns for it.
* Pay special attention to players with Bonecracker.

* Prioritize adds over Nazgrim. Shamans > Arcweavers > Assassins > Ironblades
* Kill Banners and Healing Tide Totems immediately.
* Do not attack Nazgrim during Defensive Stance

* Interrupt the adds as much as possible.
* Dispel Earth Shield immediately
* Avoid damage from the AoE mechanics -- Aftershocks fire lines, Ravager spinning weapons, Ironstorm whirlwind etc.
I did some more reading on Nazgrim's adds and the last 10%.

Here's the deal:

1) Timed waves

Nazgrim spawns exactly 10 waves of adds.
Waves 1-6 have 2 adds
Waves 7-10 have 3 adds
--> Once 10 waves have spawned, the timed waves stop.

2) Special wave of 4 adds at 10%

At 10% health an additional wave spawns which has 4 adds.

Once the 10 timed waves and the special 10% wave have passed there are no more adds.
BTW, Nazgrim is dead.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

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