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Naxx 25 Changes
The officers have decided to change the Naxx 25 schedule in order to accomplish these goals:
1. Have Friday for our progression night
2. Clear Heroic Naxx as soon as possible.
3. Have a schedule that alleviates late nights on weeknights and speeds things up in general.

Therefore, the Naxx 25 reading schedule will be as follows:

Tues.: Invites at 630p server, starting trash pulls at 645p server, Plague Quarter eventually adding some Arachnid quarter.

Fri.: Invites at 630p server, starting trash pulls at 645p server, Military and Construct quarters, adding Sapph and Kel eventually.

Mon.: Invites at 600p Server, starting trash pulls at 615p server, Arachnid quarter. Follow up with OS 10 or 25 man (optional).

Thus, we are adding a third evening (Tuesdays) with the hope that it makes for overall shorter weeknights and allows us to continue to progress. As we speed up, all of Naxx will be done Tues./Fri. with the Monday raid becoming Malygos.

For speeding runs up, after a boss kill, we will start trash pulls as soon as possible. The master looter will stay behind and do the looting. Those interested in loot can hang back to roll. I will designate a rezzer for trash pulls. We will not stop pulling to rez people anymore.

The plan is to start trash pulls with less than a full raid because some people cannot be online until 700p server. We can integrate them into the raid at that time, when we should be about ready for the first boss.

Tues. and Mon. are good nights for people just starting to raid who might not have the gear. Friday will be our progression night.

We will start this schedule on March 3.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel

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