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Nature resist set
It is apparent that we need backup tanks for the Hydross fight for when the primary ones can't make it. It's annoying, but it's the nature of the fight. Dokcha has been kind enough to create the frost resist set for Nahr. What we would like to do is fashion a nature resist set for Daichallar. This gives us coverage over alternate time-zones as well. We need:

Nature Resistance Gear:
CE BS: Wildguard Breastplate (chest) 60
CE BS: Wildguard Leggings (legs) 60
CE BS: Wildguard Helm (helm) 50
CE JC: The Natural Ward (finger) 35
Scryer JC: Pendant of Withering (neck) 30
VE: Inscription of Endurance (shoulder enchant) 7
CE: Glyph of Nature Warding (head enchant) 20
Buffs: 70 Nature Resistance
Total: 332 Nature Resistance

104 Eternium Ore
156 Fel Iron Ore
3 Primal Nether
46 Primal Life
48 Primal Shadow
5 Primal Earth
20 Adamantite Powder

The metal isn't too bad, and I've started on it. Any minres who want to contribute, it would be very much appreciated. The nethers I have extra badges for, and the earth and powder are already gathered. As for the primals, that's where we need help again. We currently have:

104 Eternium Ore (40 gathered)
156 Fel Iron Ore (38 gathered)
3 Primal Nether (complete)
46 Primal Life (7.7 gathered)
48 Primal Shadow (3.2 gathered)
5 Primal Earth (complete)
20 Adamantite Powder (complete)
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."

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