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Naplonos Dawnstorm's application
Greetings and good morrow to you all, i am Naplonos Dawnstorm, Blood elf Ranger (sergant rank within the Blood elves. I am a Hunter with the talent of marksman but i never travel alone anymore with my pet caesar who is a dragonhawk. I was born 7,000 something years ago, on board the boat that crossed the maelstrom, that reached the eastern kingdoms. As i was growing up we had a lot of Amani Troll attacks. Then one fateful day during a troll attack my parents were killed. My older brother Orionos took care of me and my little brother. As time went on if i remember a couple of thousand years later, i was a Highborn Ranger when our people allied themselves with the Humans to put the Amani troll threat down. i was around when the "old horde" invaded Azeroth and attacked the Alliance. Yet i have never seen more blood shed until Arthas attacked Silvermoon, nearly destroying it. Orionos and i have seen our youngest brother die as well. Then before King Anasterian Sunstrider died he ordered the command to flee and so i did. I hid for a couple of years in an area known as the wetlands in Menthil Harbor. I havent heard anything from my older brother for a while. My eyes started turning green and my addictions to mana lead me to paranoia and edgyness. As then i didnt know how to cope with my new "problem". I fell into depression and forgot my teachings, until i found another of my kind in a tavern. She told me that Prince Kael Thas Sunstrider has led our people into Outlands and Silvermoon was being rebuilt. I quickly grabbed my things and left to return home. When i did it hurt me to see the dead scar that plowed through my beloved city. I returned to the hunter's hall and seen some of my old friends as they were happy to see me and they brought me up to date on how to control my thirst for mana and how we joined the "New Horde". I am a leatherworker and skinner and a translator in some languages which i can translate common, darnassian, dwarvish....into orcish. i am knowledgable about the wild so i hunter... i respect the laws of nature and i use everything from what i kill. But i am just looking for a place of belonging... I dont usually ask to many questions and take things as they are. i was refered to this guild during a conversation i had. Anyways..... I now stand side by side with the Horde for i know my hardships aren't over yet and my greatest challenge is yet to come. But with Hardship comes desires and goals.... my goal is to hold my honor with my people and the Horde, for i know they wont betray us like the Alliance did. I have a dislike in arrogance and hypocracy... in which the Alliance is known for. As you will tell I have a Hatred for Alliance Hunters... and i hunt them with no mercy
7,000 years old is quite venerable. How have you not gone insane with the passage of time?
Hmmm there are very few of the Original Highborne left in this world I am surprized that you have survived the perils of all the attacks on our people quite impressive you must some bit of skill. Its is a Honor to meet you.
((one more thing i might add... im in the military and i might not be able to attend every function due to my job....but i will attend if at all possible)).

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