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...because I'm terribly curious, anyone else in the Tribe doing NaNoWriMo this year?
*looks confused* Wha?
National Novel Writing Month. Or something to that effect.

Every year I say I will, yet every year I don't even have enough free time to finish my actual work on time.

I tried it three years ago, and it was an utter blast (such a frenzy of words), andI toyed with the idea of doing it this year, but I really don't have time. Good luck to anyone attempting, though!
Okay... I'm a huge dork, but after reading about this (thanks for linking, Naruth Big Grin) I'm super psyched and want to try! I think it'll have to wait till next year though, or perhaps some month over the summer, since I'm currently struggling to write the 5 page papers I have due. I'm actually supposed to be writing one at this very moment... *sigh* My NaNoWriMo dreams will have to wait until my college dreams have been accomplished. Thanks for the info. though!!!!
Mellith, Naruth, Amato, or anyone else, if you decide to do it, either this year or next, I will happily act as a friend to kick butts into gear. That was actually my main interest in asking - see if I could find anyone out there to help keep me on task. I figured with all these people writing short stories on the message boards occasionally, someone else might be doing it as well.

4796 words and counting...
Woohoo! Nearly 5,000 words! A tenth of the way there and not even a 10th of the way through the month!
This is where poor Bethul has been all month thus far. X_x

14,200...and my brain feels like I've run it through a paper shredder, shredded the shreds and then lit the shreds on fire.
You can do it! *waves her pom poms around*
Just noticed this thread - cool to know I am not alone in this :p Earlier last month I also celebrated the 24-Hour Comic Day where you create a 24 page comic in 24 hours. That was pretty fun and intense. I do my best work if I have a deadline creeping up on me and that Nov 30 is rapidly approaching...

Good luck and kudos to everyone doing this !
Sadly, I'm now behind my 1667 words per day now... *sigh*
not 1337 words per day?

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