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My first encounter with Onyxia (Dispaya)
Based on a True Story

((Dispaya's eyes flutter open as she awakens in the burn trauma unit of Lordaeron's infirmary))

Listen and I shall tell you the tale of my account in Onyxia's lair.

The tribe stood in the doorway at the mouth of her cave and everyone readied their weapons. Kosath gave everyone a final briefing and some words of encouragement before sounding the charge.


The words still ring in my ears. Being the mage that I am..I deemed it best to wait back and go in last...to let the warrior types get her attention. While my tribemates went in I lingered for a moment in the tunnel and threw my mana shield spell around me to protect me while I ran in.

As I started for the cave entrance Onyxia took notice of me. She looked past the warrior (Kosath) beating on her and stared right at me. She then started for the mouth of the cave.

I froze in my tracks. (Gulp!)

I started to slowly back away, hoping the dragon would lose interest, but alas she did not. Instead she stuck her head directly into the cave tunnel. Her face was so close to me that I could have reached out and touched her nose ((absolutely true)).

I tried to summon the will for a blink spell ...but there was just nowhere to go. With that she unleashed her fiery breath upon me. Flames engulfed me and everything went black. Oh...the pain!!!

((Fire critical with her breath for 3500+ damage at once))

I never saw even one minute of battle with the great dragon.

I awoke a day later in the burn trauma center. They tell me the Priestess Zema was the one to bring me there. Thanks to her spells they say my life was spared...though no one knows if I shall ever look normal again.

I look more like scourge now than forsaken...and my heart is deep with despair. I must now wear a cowl to cover the terrible scars. As a mage who once mastered the art of throwing fire...I cannot say how I shall ever use my power again.

If you see me in Undercity...do feel free to stop by and say hello. I shall try to speak with you a bit this week while I recover.

Sing True Ironsong...Onyxia shall fall another day.

All my love and power


DOCTOR MARY EDRAS: Visiting hours will be from 4pm to 7pm Server time at my office in the rogues quarter of UC. Gifts are allowed but only of a minor nature.

Diagnosis: Fire is terrible on forsaken skin, for it cannot easily repair itself from fire of this severity. We must rely on magic to return the skin instead of a natural healing process. Priest spells may help with the pain but spells that rely on nature can do little due to the "unnatural" state of forsaken skin. If any of her tribe wish to donate blood for Dispayas recovery, we shall try to work a spell to form the blood into new flesh for the girl. You may leave your donations with me at my office.
Sing True Ironsong!
Did Kosath forget to mention which end of the dragon is the business end? Hehehe. Poor Fire Mage. I will stop by and see your doctor and donate a pint or two of my fine blood.

I guess I am also going to have to see if I can reconfigure a Hyper-Radiant Flame Reflector to be used by unskilled hands. We don't want all our Mage's getting themselves BBQed by dragons.
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<Comforts Dispaya>

I comes visit sis!
A mini RP event by Dispaya

Diary of Mary Edras: Doctor of Undercity

The girl's flesh was burned beyond all recognition in the Dragon attack. As such, her sickness had led to her becoming distraught and losing her will to live. I had grown concerned as this was very dangerous for a Forsaken, for free will is what keeps us free of the Scourge's influence.

Yet despite my nursing, the girl's will finally gave out, and once her will collapsed, Araj the summoner took back her body and Dispaya once again became a creature of the Scourge. Calling herself "The White Lady" she spat curses at her tribe and threatened to lead the Scourge to destroy them.

Meanwhile, the childe-champion Zema took it upon herself to destroy the awesome Araj. But Dispaya sensed her intent through the mind link all tribemates share...and set off to defend her master.

A small group of Ironsingers cornered The white Lady in the ruins of Andorhal and a fierce struggle took place. The White Scourge spat insults at her former friends, using the knowledge she had of them to try and break their will.

((All was done in RP...and some things said were very intense. This was meant to cause players to actually be confronted with something truely EVIL.))

The White Lady first squared off against little Zema, but the child was not ready for the awesome power of the mage, and their battle ended in a stalemate. Zema collapsed on the groud trying to make sense of why her friend should hurt her so...and while the girl was recovering The white Lady brought her wrath down on several more of her former friends.

((This part was done with Duels...I am not much of a duelist but I thought it would be fun to use this in a RP event. During the battles she mocked the group saying it was the Great Ebberk who taught her how to defeat them. After Zema she fought Dannae and Valtrinity, both of who almost defeated her. ))

Zema, clenched her fists and focussed all the power of her great Divine spirit and stood against the White Lady. Behind her, her tribemates boosted her own power with their own, focusing the power of totems and powerful healing spells to counter the white Lady's magic. With a flash of Divine energy, The White Lady was finally defeated and Dispaya's will clawed it's way back to the surface.

((The way Zema defeated her went something like this. After each duel I mocked the tribe to allow Dispaya time for her spells to cool down...so each duel she was at full power. In the final duel Zema came forth and made the challenge herself so when the duel commenced I miscalculated and did not have all my spells back. She feared me and I never fully recovered. It was an excellent battle and made the story so much more profound. Zema you were a hero that day.))

She gathered the small *group, composed of Chaska, Uglawha, Grymfang, Valtrinity, Zinthas, Dannae, Krell, and Edonil and set off to face the great power of Araj the Summoner. Together, the Ironsingers strolled down the road to Andorhal, and left a path of dead Scourge in their wake.

They found the Great Lich in the ruins of Andorhal, and despite her weakened state, Dispaya called the attack. She knew she would get only one chance to defeat the Lich before the great power of his will finally consumed her forever.

In an uncharacteristic attack for a mage, she made the first attack, causing all of the Lich's minions to come down upon her. But Dispaya was not afraid, for with the group of friends she had at her side, she felt that nothing could defeat her. In the end indeed she was right.

((I pulled all the minions at once on purpose. I wanted to create a "fierce" battle rather than one that was approached systematically. The results had all of us turning in every direction to battle the Scourge. The Singers were AMAZING in this fight. Truly these are some very skilled players. I was awestruck by how well they did.))

There was a great battle with the Lich and his minions and the Ironsingers fought their way through a terrible struggle. In the end, Araj was defeated.

Dispaya knelt and pulled a small gem from the Summoners body, and with her last bit of will, shattered it with a fire spell. Her spirit now free, she finally collapsed into the arms of her friend Uglawha...who carried her back to the Undercity and returned her to me.

Before leaving, I watched as Zema walked back and handed the young mage a small piece of candy. Dispaya, still barely awake, struggled to understand the little girl's bargain.

"We will trade...for this candy you must take off your hood...for the way you look does not matter...my eyes see only the real you..."

I could tell that Dispaya loved the small girl in that moment, yet she could not bring herself to bare her now black and disfigured face and so cast a small charm to make herself appear as she once did to her tribe.

She hugged her friends and bid them all a fond farewell..then returned to her coffin in the infirmary and fell into a long deathlike sleep.

We shall continue to monitor her progress. If any sign of Scourge influence reappears, my staff has orders to contact the Warlord Sreng at all costs.

We shall continue to look for a way to restore Dispaya's true form. But for now the best we can do is hope. Many of her tribe have donated blood and perhaps using that we may yet find a way to restore her.

Mary Edras
Doctor of Medicine, UC Trauma Unit

Recap of the mini RP event that took place tonight.
Thanks so much to everyone who played along. I had been thinking since it is a RP guild that I should try a bit more RP for everyone from time to time. Actually...most of this I was simply making up as I went along...I didn't expect it to become such an interesting story. What made it special was the great players who went along for the ride.

The event would not have been as good if I had tried to plan it out. Somehow the spontaneous nature of this made it just amazing...so I wanted to post this to have a record of it. ;-)

Sing True Ironsingers.

Sing True Ironsong!
OOC: Very nice posts, Dispaya! I only regret not being able to take part in it all. Sad I'm glad things ended well though. Smile
Grazak...though you did not know me well, you stood by my side as a great source of comfort to me since the accident. You have nursed me along, and have even given your own blood to make me whole again. Your kind nature ((and excellent RP)) have helped me more than you know. ((and was great fun!))

It is good that you could not come to the Plaguelands, for it would have not only placed your life at risk...but the lives of your new tribemates. That you were spared from seeing the aweful thing I had become is only a blessing.

From this day forward I shall call you as my friend.

All my love and power


OOC: Thanks so much for playing along and being a part of my story. I am looking forward to knowing you better and to future adventures we may share. If I may ever be of help or service to you please call on me. My alt is Ptarra and she is closer to your level...and if she can help with any quests give her a whisper.
Sing True Ironsong!
I am happy to see that you are recovering well from your injuries. I now understand the taint of the Scourge is ever present within one of the Forsaken and it is only through a constant force of will you manage to maintain your individuality.

Remember we stand ready to help you through any struggles, internal or external Lady Mage.

After your departure last eve I stopped to see your doctor and donated some blood to speed in your recovery. However if you turn out green and strikingly handsome that will not be my fault. Smile

((OCC: It was a fun time. I didn't understand at first what was happening but it turned out to be a grand adventure! Thank you for hosting it.))
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My heartfelt thanks to you as well Master Hunter

I am in your debt for saving me.
You have my eternal gratitude.


PS: I tried to assemble the story as best I could. Because it happened so spontaneously, a couple of players got confused about what was happening and to them I can only say "sorry...I did my best. Next time I will try to be more clear on what is happening."
Sing True Ironsong!

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