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((My apologies))
((Hail, Ironsong Tribe! I just wanted to apologize profusely for my drifting in to the moot last night. I had heard that it was quite the show and was told by a few of yours that I chat with that it was okay to come and check it out. To try and get down from TB faster I hit slow fall and...well...landed in the middle of the moot. I am VERY sorry, incredibly embarassed, and hope that you all can forgive my stupidity for not aiming a little further up valley when I jumped.))

Kaetze, mate of Utsusemi
No worries, I don't believe you can control where you land, and I don't believe it caused too much of a disturbance.
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Greetings, Kaetze! It was wonderful to have you drop in on us. You're always welcome to join Ironsong for our events. Shillatae and I were both happy to see you again.

Here's to next week!
Is there a chance we could coordinate what we're all wearing so I"m not wearing the exact same purple dress as 5 other people? *laughing* I'm not being a fashionista, I just couldn't tell who was who on a quick-check. :lol:

Thank you for allowing me to come along. I hope Utsu has been behaving himself in your midst.
~Better a cruel truth than a comfortable lie.~ (Edward Abbey)
It is always a pleasure to see your smiling face at our Moots.
Kaetze, Utsu is a rogue. Think about what you said about him behaving. *grin* Actually, he is very well behaved . . . with the Tribe, at any rate. Sorry I missed your dramatic entrance to the moot. ((When I work the next day, I have to be up at 1:45 am, server time, so I don't get to stay and enjoy the moots.))

As several have told you, you are welcome to join us! In fact, we are having a parade on Feb. 26, I think, time has not been announced. Contact any of us as the time approaches, to find out when.
A parade? How...novel! I will remember and do so!
~Better a cruel truth than a comfortable lie.~ (Edward Abbey)

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