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My absence
*raspy, injured voice*

My apologies for my absence since meeting the Tribe at the moot. I was attacked by a group of raptors that were superior is power and numbers. While undead, I was severly damaged and had to go underground to rest and regenerate.

I am recrupperated and should be available at the moot tonite.

((I got super busy at work and wasn't able to log in this past week at all, sorry about the absence. See you tonite))
Stench of death and rotting flesh? Yes I've just come up behind you.
Hail, Clael!

Thank you for being so kind as to inform us of your accident. I am very glad to learn that you have since recovered! Please take care when travelling in dangerous lands. I find it is helpful to have a friend along, whether demonic or otherwise. They are usually quick to distract whatever runs up to menace me, and thus, I make a safe escape.

*nods several times*

Kosath, Shillatae and I had a very memorable journey through the Arathi Highlands long ago. A pack of raptors chased us from Stromgarde all the way to the Thandol Span!

I look forward to seeing you soon.

- Eveline

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