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Murdy, The Sneak
1. State your name.


2. List your race and class, be it Undead Mage, Orc Hunter etc.

Blood-Elf Rogue.

3. Please introduce yourself to us, with as much of your personal history as you feel comfortable sharing at this time. Possible topics to touch on: What are your goals or desires? What is your greatest success? Your greatest failure?

I am Murdy, born to unknown parents at an unknown time. I was left at the orphanage in Shattrath just like any other abandoned scryer baby and picked up by my mother, Hearthlynn as an infant during the horde and alliance "invasion". I joined my mother with another orphan under her care and over time we found a common ground. That sister follows in the footsteps of Hearthlynn, having taken on that same name and class and duties, while I took the opposite path.
My mother would say I am spoiled and secretive and full of unknowable and undesirable personal traits, the most notable is of course that my every action and every thought is admittedly furtive. I dont like being seen and I dont like talking and I dont like telling stories or doing casual things with people. I entrust my loyalty to one person at a time, never an entire organization at once... Even our beloved Horde. That being said, I have a duty to the Horde and I know my heritage. Our recent forrays into the splendorous and wealthy Pandaria have shown me that. There is a certain effect that witnessing the beauty of rolling hills, thundering skies, and the toil of a good-hearted peasant can have a soul. Even one so comforted by secrecy. I want to help. There's a place for someone with skills like mine amongst you people.

4. Please tell us one or more notable things about you that we can use to start conversations with you (for example: a pet, a physical characteristic, a mannerism, something you carry with you).

My mother and sister are sore spots with me, having been expected to become a paladin and instead taking up the blade and cloak as I have. Any news of treasure is good news and mortal combat is what I consider fun. Weapons might as well be jewelry to me and I prefer the company of Ironwok to anyone else. If you want to get on my good side, find me a beast to fight, a head to bonk, or a forbidden temple to raid.

5. Finally, have you read our Code of Conduct, and do you agree to abide by the rules stated in it? If so, please state so here in addition to a reply to the post itself.

I dont like trouble and I dont like to be trouble. You'll find me attentive, communicative in my own quiet way, and wholly agreeable.


Please fill this section out as yourself. Thank you!

1. What guilds were you in before this one, if any? How long were you a member? Why are you no longer with them?

I was on Silverhand at launch in Elelemental Vengeance and later founded Darkspear Voodoo (you might know me as Tenguh or Tengul). I have been in many fine popular guilds on SH and beyond. I was on Maelstrom for a year and blackrock for 2 years, movng then to Malfurion and finally settling on Quel'Dorei. This character was a blood elf rogue called Murderate on Malfurion and then became a Worgen named Epar on Sargeras (not one of my prouder moments). Then I quit wow. My sister offered to pay my account if I would return and play with them on Silverhand and I agreed and took back the reigns of leadership of my 4-man guild. I spend my down-time farming old time instances and doing LFR.

2. What are you looking for from Ironsong?

People to interact with. My RL sister and brother in law are not on as regularly as I would like.

3. How long have you played Warcraft?

Since Launch. December '04. I worked at EB games (now gamestop) at the time and Blizzard hooked some of us up.

4. If you have a preference, when do you tend to play?

After 9pm Pacific (daughter is asleep and wife will leave me alone to play for a while)

5. If you have anything you would like to add to tell us more about yourself, do so here.

I love to play, but I also love to draw. If we have scheduled events then you can expect me to be there when I'm free otherwise if you need me, you'll have to contact me via skype, gtalk or something as photoshop and wow do not get along with large paintings and illustrations. This is contact information I am super happy to give to guild-mates.

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