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Mulgore's Liberator
Of course you've heard the tales of how Thrall came to Kalimdor and helped our people establish our own land and in turn we pledged our alligence to the orcs of the Horde. Some of us grew up listening to the tales. However, little is spoken of the heroes and brave warriors who fought to defend our newfound home. This tale is about Galhorn Alaris, one of the bravest warriors who died for his people and my father.
I didn't really get a chance to know my father on a more personal basis. Most of this information comes from what the elders and my mother. To begin with, Galhorn was not just a soldier, but a blacksmith as well. Guess that's why I picked up the craft as well. He was quite talented with crafting weapons, particularly axes. While Thunderbluff was still under construction, Mulgore still suffered occupation of the centaur who refused to give up their stand in what was now our land. This led to numerous conflicts between them and our fledging establishments. My father worked tirelessly supplying weapons to our warriors to fight back the centaur threat, even taking his own weapon up on numerous occasions. It was thought that the centaur threat in Mulgore at first was rather minor, but due to continued conflicts with no end in sight from them, they were made to be a much greater threat than anticipated. Galhorn theorized that the reason they were so brazen was because they were so organized and full of spirit. So Galhorn sat down and gathered supplies for a new weapon, which he labored for days to create. The weapon that he created was an axe, a legendary weapon that shown even in darkness and perhaps the mightiest weapon to ever be in our people's hands. He called it Mulgore's Liberator. It was his hope that this weapon would unify our attacks and break the very morale of the centaur threat.
With the Liberator in hand, Galhorn led countless attacks against the centaur that still remained in Mulgore. Those that saw the Liberator raised high in the sky were quick to rally and fight with father. Many of the centaur fell to this weapon, and just as my father had hoped, the centaur's spirits became undone. Rumors started flying amongst them, some of the most wilder ones claimed my father was Zaetar reincarnated, back from the grave to punish them. The centaur were afraid of losing their hold in Mulgore and saw my father as a prime threat soon afterwards. They then devised an attack that no tauren would ever soon forget. Numerous conflicts had worn Galhorn down, and he desperately needed to rest. While he slept in what was our village at the time, centaur marauders attacked Thunderbluff, which called most of the warriors from our village to aid. However, the attack was a feign. While our warriors were out of the village, a second group of marauders attacked our village, setting fire to our homes. I was so young back then...I remember the fire...the screams...I remember things that no child should ever have to remember. Galhorn, still exhausted, took upon the Liberator and shielded us long enough for most of the villagers to escape to safety. I remember clutching onto my mother so hard, I thought I would never let go. Galhorn fought despite his depleted strength and outnumbered situation, taking as many centaur as he could. He was slain before our warriors returned from the feigned attack on Thunderbluff. Luckily, they arrived in time to prevent them from taking the Liberator, but the damage had been done. I lost my home and my father in one night.
With my father's loss, it was the centaur's hope that our spirits would be broken as theirs had been and this would gave them the edge they needed to regain their lost grounds. However, the result of killing my father did completely the opposite. Following my father's death, our people took upon his weapon, the Liberator, and charged after the centaur in great force. In a few days time, the centaur feared for their lives and fled our lands. Mulgore was finally free, but the price our people paid was high. Galhorn's funeral was one of the first held in Thunderbluff. He was buried in the Red Rocks with the Liberator. It believed his spirit still watches over Thunderbluff from afar. Those that have heard this tale of my father and wish to know where he lies only need to ask. Only members and trusted friends of the Alaris line may know where my father is truly buried, and you Tribemates are greater friends than I can ever ask for. Pray for his spirit, my people, my friends. Know the name of Galhorn Alaris, one of many who died for Mulgore.
((Great bio Val!)) <salutes>
Dispaya travels to Thunderbluff and silently makes her way to the gravesite of Alaris. She produces a single peacebloom flower and places it on the gravesite.

"Ye united and brought great strength to your people Galhorn. Please watch over your daughter now in her hour of need and return her to us safely. Ye would be proud of her for she is one of the bravest Tauren I have been honored to know. May the Earth Mother hold you and yours in her embrace always."

With that she uttered an incantation and disappeared in a swirl of arcane magic. The peacebloom lay silently for a moment before softly being swept away by the breeze.
Sing True Ironsong!

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