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Latest Run: July 10th, 2009
Tonight we had a lot of lower levels, so some simpler runs were in order. Lhuurssa, Annelii, Enhydra, and Lucinther (Bout time!) joined my tank, Nomekaer, in two instances. Violet Hold gave us a Voidwalker and a Water Revenant to combat, but proved utterly boring, because it was too easy! Draktharon Keep was next, and it was in here that, though also silly easy, we found two upgrades, a necklace for our healer, Annelii, and a helmet for Lucinther. As soon as Lucinther levels, I'm sure it will get a great deal of use. ;D

After these simple runs... well, comparatively simple, since we've been running Oculus and various heroics repeatedly... Lhuurssa revealed to us that she was less than a bar from level 80! Something obviously had to be done about this, so we teamed up and wiped out her Dragonblight group quests (we got to do them too!). A newly leveled Lhuurssa cheered, shared some fireworks with Nome, and is preparing as I type to devastate her first heroic!

Enhydra also leveled (77 and Cold Weather Flying!). In addition, Annelii got some more practice healing. For someone who's really never played that role at end-game, she's not half-bad. Wink

See you all again on Monday!

Axulia and myself have started a series of Instance runs in Northrend! These include both Normal and Heroic instances.

The goals of these runs will be as follows:

1) Help people (targeting newer players in particular) become more comfortable with their class/alts (especially those willing and wanting to learn how to play tanking or healing specs). The easiest way to achieve this is to offer runs where wipes aren't a problem, but rather anticipated. If (for example) someone isn't sure about their healing, but wants to try, it will be encouraged.

2) Help people gather gear for one or two specs for higher-end content. This starts with normal dungeons, heroics, and eventually (though this might not become a part of these runs for some time) raids. The idea will be to target places where gear can be acquired for the purpose of experiencing more content, and players in more dire need of upgrades will get priority to a limited extent.

3) Last but obviously not least, the previously mentioned experiencing of more content. Players lacking in either or both of the above categories miss out on a lot of the fun aspects of Warcraft's end-game. Given Blizzard's recent and more friendly attitude towards less experienced players, this goal will not be so hard to achieve.

To make these runs possible, a healer and tank will be available at all runs to sub in when needed. Axulia (aka Dalxein) is experienced and ready to heal, tank, or DPS any conceivable run. I will be offering my services as healer and DPS (as well as tank once mine is of level and up to par).

Date and Time: Monday, Thursday, and Friday nights. I plan on doing these runs a bit later than most, around 11pm server time. No more dungeons will be entered after 1am, and the hard cut-off time will be 2am. (I am aware of people needing sleep and having work/school. If you really want to participate, but cannot make any of these days at these times, just let us know when you sign-up).

I state once more that these runs are designed to help players improve themselves/alts. Players strictly in it for better loot, while not altogether omitted from this, will be encouraged to understand the primary purpose and go with it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As stated, these runs can and probably will result in multiple wipes during experimentation, and in addition, you will likely not always be acquiring the loot you are immediately interested in in favor of priority to be determined by Axulia and Myself. If you are unwilling or unable to continue to participate and have fun under these circumstances, do not come. (On that note, Axulia and I will be attempting to gear everyone involved, the idea is to get everyone to a point where they are geared equally).


These runs will be organized primarily via the /ironsonglfg channel. However, while all are welcome, signing up here is recommended to better organize the runs. Higher-level characters (77+) are encouraged, but any Northrend content is open (so if you're in Northrend with any character/alt, please feel free to say so!). To sign up, reply to this post with the following information: Name of Characters/Alts you wish to bring, as well as their Classes and the Roles you would be willing to play (Healer, Tank, or DPS). In addition, list which of the three days work best for you (any or all of them). It would also help to state your primary desire regarding these runs (learning, content, gear, or any combination thereof).


Melikar Warrior 80 - Tank/DPS
Kardwel Paladin 80 - Healing

Anca Hunter 80 - DPS
Wakamito Warrior 80 - Tank (Practice)
Wingspirit 79 Druid - DPS/Healing (Practice)

Krelldor Rogue 79 - DPS (Practice)
Shantow 80

Sbin Druid 80 Tank/DPS
Jabadue Shaman 80 DPS
Neat Mage 75 DPS

Kretol (Monday|Thursday)
Kretol Shaman 80 DPS
Kevarn Warrior 80 Tank
Kamran Rogue 74 DPS (Practice/Gear)

Kaisharra Hunter 71 DPS
Valshar Death Knight 71 DPS/Tank (Practice)

Xatamar Death Knight 80 DPS/Tank (Practice/Gear)
Gorleck Shaman 77 DPS/Healer (Practice)

Lhuurssa Hunter 76 DPS (Practice/Gear)
Anamdubh 71 Healer (Practice/Gear)
Kraala 71 DPS (Practice/Gear)
Silat 70 DPS (Practice/Gear)
Bhaatuur 70 DPS (Practice/Gear)
Syrannae 70 Tank (Practice/Gear)

Altynay Mage 80 DPS

Nemascythe Rogue 71 DPS
Cannibalista Death Knight 74 Tank/DPS (Practice)
Wytch Paladin 80 Healing/DPS/Tank (Practice)
Aeromeena Hunter 80 DPS
Melikar - Tank/DPS
Kardwel - Healing

Call on whichever you may need. Kardwel can DPS (technically) but I mostly save his Ret spec for PvP. Therefor, if I would run a dungeon with him as DPS, he would be in mostly PvP gear. Once 3.2 comes out, I plan to run heroics a lot more since Champion's Seals will drop everywhere and that means better gear for both toons.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Anca - dps

Wakamito - 80 tank spec, needs training
Wingspirit - 79 almost 80 feral and with healing gear, needs training
Krelldor-Rogue (level 79, 80 soon)

Perhaps Shantow for a few Badges before the big patch coming out. (Rep is also nice)

My rogue needs experience in how to run with a group, and will need gear upgrades. I will try to tag along whenever possible with my schedule.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
Sbin, 80, Feral Druid, Tank
Jabadue, 80, Elemental Shaman, DPS
Neat, 75, Mage, DPS
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Kretol (80): Shaman, Enhancement (DPS)
Kevarn (80): Warrior, Protection (Tank)
Kamran (74): Rogue (DPS)

Mondays and Thursdays are my days off from work, so they are ideal. However, considering these will be late nights, Fridays should work as well.
On that note, I generally have my own raids starting a bit after 1am, so that'd have to be my cut-off time.

I'd be able to bring Kret or Kev if either DPS or tanky is needed for an upper-level dungeon. I have experience on both, and really the only thing Kev actually needs is faction (so any dungeon is fine). Kamran, on the other hand, would be a 'normal' toon leveling up in these dungeons (ie, still experiencing playing a rogue in Northrend dungeons, gear would be useful, etc.)
Kaisharra - lvl 71 hunter, dps
Valshar - lvl 71 DK, dps or tank (needs practice tanking)

Both of my toons need to run anything they can get in at their level, trying to get them both to 80 and get them geared up.

I wouldnt mind tanking on Valshar but would need pointers from an experienced DK tank on talent builds since he's mostly dps specd right now.
Xatamar-DPS and Tank 80 Death Knight
Gorleck-DPS and healer 80 Shaman

I really need practice healing with Gorleck and I need some more tank practice with Xatamar. Xatamar also is lacking with tanking gear.
Lhuurssa - 76 DPS
Anamdubh - 71 heals
Kraala - 71 DPS
Silat - 70 DPS
Bhaatuur - 70 DPS
Syrannae - 70 tank

All are in it for the same reasons - XP/practice and gear (in that order). I can play any of the nights mentioned, and *usually* on by 10 to 10:30 pm, server time.
Latest Run
The first run went very smoothly. Two epic upgrades were acquired from Heroic Gundrak and Violet Hold for Axulia's Death Knight tank (DPS Ring) and our mage for the evening, Altynay (Bracers). In addition, Altynay held on to the disenchanted materials for the sake of skilling up her enchanting. Good going everyone!

Remember, the next run will be Thursday night. I hope to see you there!
Altynay - 80 mage

I would love to come on Alty as much as possible. It was great fun last night and gave me a chance to meet a few of you. =) I always look forward to going to instances with such nice people. That and the ocasional shiny and rep is always a bonus. <3 And some day I look forward to throwing my priest into the fray. Only 26 at the moment though.
Latest Run: July 2nd, 2009
Tonight's run took us into Normal Gun'drak, Halls of Stone, and Halls of Lightning! While no upgrades were obtained, Lhuurssa was able to see some content she never had before, Gorleck got some practice healing, and Axulia got some more practice tanking. The runs were very good, and we had a lot of fun. Hope to see more tomorrow. Remember, 11pm, server!!!
Yep, I enjoyed it very much!
Latest Run: July 3rd, 2009
First on the night's agenda was a run through Heroic Drak'Tharon Keep, because Melikar needed it for his "Northrend Dungeon Hero" achievement. In a relatively simple run, we chose to go for the achievement against the boss King Dred, "Better Off Dred." Needless to say, Altynay, Dalxein, Melikar, and Ronx all received it in one try!

Next up, Lhuurssa had never seen Oculus. So we took it down (or up, it IS Oculus) a notch and entered the magic-intensive instance. The run was successful, and Lhuurssa received two upgrades (Cape and Helmet)! Good run, everyone. See you all Monday!
Latest Run: July 6th, 2009
Laurynthas, having seen precious few Northrend instances, joined my level 78 Death Knight tank, Altynay, Melikar, and Wingspirit, in the Violet Hold. With Wingspirit healing, and Melikar desperately trying to pull aggro off the tank... the run went very smoothly, and very quickly. Laurynthas got a new pair of gloves, as did Nomekaer (My DK). Good run, and thanks for the practice, Mel. ;D

Next, since last week went so smoothly, we decided it was time to help Melikar finish the Northrend Dungeon Hero achievement... ...and into Heroic: Oculus we delved. "Smoothly" is not how I would describe this run. It was "Epic" in more ways than one. That said... Wakamito (Anca's Warrior) tanked almost the entire instance successfully, Altynay lived up to her standard clothy regime, Kisokutsuchi cried in anguish during the Mage-Lord Urom fight, Melikar helped in a pinch, I leapt off a cliff, and Ley-Guardian Eregos died, resulting in Mel's Northrend Dungeon Hero AND Champion of the Frozen Wastes Achievements!

Good run everyone! Repair bills aside, it was successful, and we still met our 2:00 cut-off deadline. See you again Thursday. Wink

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