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Moot on 3/27
Last night's moot was held in Bloodhoof village.

We welcomed a new peon to Ironsong by the name of Anderous...a Blood Elf Rogue.

Last evening we were paid a special visit by Sivaras...the sister of Veramorla. Sivaras, a former enemy, once attacked the tribe by placing a curse on Valtrinity and trying to ransom her life for the soul of her dark mother Delgarsida. (Del's soul was trapped in a previous rp event.) Much to our suprise Sivaras told us the source of her power is a side effect of her Mother's pact with the Burning Legion. Veramorla is cursed as well.

Apparently Sivaras no longer wishes the burden of the dark power...and has now asked our tribe to assist her in being rid of it. To that end the tribe voted and agreed to help her. (For more details see Val's posts.)
Sing True Ironsong!

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