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Moot 8/7 News - Farewell Valtrinity
Last evening the moot was held in Mulgore and we were sad to bid farewell to our dear Valtrinity who announced she will be leaving the tribe as well as WoW altogether.

In the RL Val's player has alot going on and needs to devote more time to personal projects and so is taking an indefinite hiatus.

In the RP world...Valtrinity has finally gotten a Lead on the whereabouts of her Father's great weapon "Mulgore's Liberator" and so is leaving the tribe to follow that lead to wherever it may take her.

Veramorla has left also and is now with her sister Sivaras...the two both joined by their mother's unholy curse. Perhaps only together can they rid themselves of it's evil. In the meantime, Vera does not wish the tribe to be victim to any more of her mother's evil.

Valtrinity has been with the tribe many years and has provided much of the tribe's lore and RP history. She has served as an officer and has been a source of counsel for the rest of us and has set an outstanding example for all RPers in the tribe. Her wit and wisdom will be sorely missed...especially in the officer channel.

I will not say goodbye to Val for I hope someday the tides will change and she will return to us...so for now let's just say "safe journeys" to wherever the roads of life may lead, and wish her well in all ways.

Sing True Ironsong!
Safe travels, Valtrinity. You have served the Tribe with distinction, and you will be missed!
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