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Molten Front dagger - Brainsplinter
Hi everyone,

Can anyone here craft the [item]Brainsplinter[/item] dagger -- the Molten Front crafted dagger?

I have all the materials except for the chaos orbs. Does any max level blacksmith know the pattern and have the orbs?

Let me know what I would owe you for the orbs.

Thank you!


I -thought- we had a few smiths that knew the purchased patterns. According to the guild profession list, however, nobody seems to know it (which is odd).
Have you been able to do the MF dailies much? My warrior just recruited the second "starter" faction, but I have not often been doing them on him (doing one run through on Kret to try and get the stupid [item]Scorched Stone[/item] is annoying enough.
Regardless, I'll be trying to get Kev to the next level so he can get all the recipes if you don't beat him there (and if no-one has the one you seek ATM).
I think we do have a few smiths who have the patterns. In fact, I have the patterns myself, but the guild profession list doesn't show them. Must be a bug.

I would love to craft the dagger myself, but due to limited playtime I have not been able to run many heroics (right now I'm running about 1-2 per week), and on the few that I've been on I have not won a chaos orb... and I need five of them. At this rate it will take me six months Smile So... unless a group wants to run me and Oryx through a bunch of heroics and let me have the orbs, I'll need to find a smith who already has the orbs to spare.

So that's where things are!

Melikar has the pattern *and* I have chaos orbs to spare. Just poke me in game if you see me or toss me the mats in mail and I will make it for you.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Thank you very much, Melikar!

However, Jabadue, Shantow, Anca and Oryx very kindly helped me run two heroics last night for the orbs, so I now have two of the five. I'm almost halfway there! I have renewed hopes that I will be able to craft my dagger myself in the very near future.

If this does not work out, though, I would be honored to have you craft my dagger for me. Thank you so much for your generous offer!

Thanks to Jabadue, Kretol, Anca, Shantow, Sevdrith, and Oryx, who ran heroics with me and let me win the Chaos Orbs at the end, I was able to craft my [item]Brainsplinter[/item] dagger last night!

This is an enormous upgrade -- thank you!


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