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Molten Core and then Onyxia!
This day we will be venturing forth into the Molten Core, and then to kill the broodmother, Onyxia, afterwards. Invites begin at 5:30pm PDT, and we will start at 6:00pm PDT.
Note the different times.

Please meet at the entrance to Molten Core!

(Any discussion regarding this date's raid can be done in this thread. Smile)
I'd like to attend, but will arrive late.
My son has a school function that ends at 6pm.

Hopefully I can join you when we get home!
While we will be trying harder and harder to /start/ on time, latecomers will always be welcome. RL comes first. When possible, if you know you will be late, park your character at the MC entrance in Blackrock Mountain so we can invite you, you can step in, and we can summon you to us with no fuss. Hate to have you miss anything! : )
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