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Molten Core
Im not proposing a raid at this time. I know we as a tribe have a ton on our plates already. this post is solely to see what the interest level is for doin MC.

so if you are interested in doing MC please sign your name, and if you are attuned or not. As all of you probably know from how much a I talk about it, i love going into the Core. so I would most definantly be in lol
((Though too low in level and still un-attuned, Cristoff is interested! As are his alts:
Kankan - 60 Hunter (attuned)
Alegar - 59 Rogue (un-attuned) ))
First, this belongs in the raiding forum and I will move it there.

Second, we are already in the process of evaluating Tribe interest/turnout for 40-person raiding by planning the Onyxia raid. The best way of letting Kosath and I know that you are interested in the large group raids is by turning out for Onyxia if you are able.

Nothing wrong with this thread, just letting you know in case you didn't in what way you could work toward your desire of an Ironsong Molten Core.

Good points (all of them), perhaps we could leverage this thread to determine who is attuned?

Waltimus and Nightdemon are attuned.

Would love to go to the Core and clean house with my tribemates.


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