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Mistress Sassz'ine
Mistress Sassz'ine is a 3-phase encounter that focuses on adds and environmental mechanics.

She's got several abilities that she uses ALL THROUGH the fight:

* Hydra shot (split-damage beam attack):  puts a stacking debuff on the target + everyone in the path.  You get stunned if you get 2+ stacks, so you can't continuously soak arrows.  The target can use physical immunity to avoid the damage.
--> Ranged and healers fan out around the boss, everyone else step into the beam if it's near you and you don't have the debuff.
--> Melee must run out a bit to make room for soakers between marked melee and the boss.
--> 1-2 players should help split the damage.

* Burden of Pain (tank curse):  Any physical damage taken while the curse is active is shared between all players in the raid.
--> Tank swap after Burden of Pain.  If you have it, try to avoid any physical damage.  The Burden Tank should pick up adds (these adds don't do physical damage).  Burden tank should NOT help soak the arrow as that will one-shot the raid.

* From the abyss (adds that drop clouds):  summons 3 adds, called Abyss Stalkers.  They do melee damage, a random jump-to-player attack + debuff (this is interruptible & the adds can be stunned).  They leave a debuffing cloud ("concealing murk") behind when they die, which lasts for 20 seconds.
--> Ranged and healers should stand around melee in a circle or semi-circle so the Stalkers drop their clouds in or near melee, because we'll need those clouds.

PHASE ONE:  Ten Thousand Fangs

From 100% to 70% health.

* Slicing Tornadoes (moving wall attack): Sweep across arena in a line, dealing damage + DoT to anyone they touch.  NOTE:  if a Slicing Tornado touches a cloud of Concealing Murk, the tornado disappears and the cloud is reduced.
--> Get behind a cloud and run through the gap in the tornado line that the cloud creates.  
--> (Note, the clouds don't last long, so we may need to time the add deaths so they die just as the tornadoes are about to reach the boss.)

* Thundering Shock (jellyfish adds + AoE):  Jellyfish rise from the depths, dealing a Thundering Shock to anyone within 8 yards (damage + stun).  These are indicated by circles on the floor, and can be avoided.
--> Avoid Thundering Shock.

* Consuming Hunger (murlock adds):  Summons several Razorjaw Waverunner murlocks, who attach themselves to players and do damage.  If a player with a murlock is within the radius of a Thundering Shock, the shock will stun the murlock instead of the player and will remove it from your back, making it vulnerable to attack.  Raid should focus these down.
--> If you get a murlock, stand in Thundering Shock to detach it, raid will kill it.

Phase One Strategy Summary:
* Tank the boss in the middle of the arena.
* Ranged and healers spread in a tight circle, or semi-circle, around the boss, as you don't want the Abyss Stalkers to drop their clouds on the outside of the arena.
* Focus the Abyss Stalkers (ideally, they will die in or near the melee group).  Move out of the clouds they drop.
* When the line of tornadoes appears, the position so that at least one cloud is between the raid and the tornadoes.  The cloud will create a gap in the line the raid can get through.
* 1 - 2 players should help split the Hydra Shot damage.  May want to use personal cooldowns.  Note: if you have Hydra Acid or Burden of Pain, don't soak the Hydra Shot.
* Detach the murlocks by standing in Thundering Shock.  When the murlocks are detached, the raid should kill them.

PHASE TWO:  Terrors of the Deep.

Begins at 70% health.

Call Vellius (add with charge + knockback):  Giant fish leaps across the arena, doing a knockback.  This ability has a lot of warning:  there will be a WIDE bubbling line through the room.  Get out of it, preferably all to the same side.
--> Get out of the way.

* Beckon Sarukel (add that draws raid in + instakill): Sarukel (looks like a giant whale mouth) sucks the raid to him ("Devouring Maw").  Anyone sucked within 15 yards of Sarukel is devoured by Devour Whole, and killed instantly.  Sarukel departs after consuming 3 Befouling Ink (see below).
--> Run against the suction.  Players pick up ink & take it to Sarukel.  There will be 2 circles on the floor to indicate a safe range:  the outer circle shows where you can safely carry the ink, and an inner circle within which players will be instantly killed.  After consuming 3 inks, Sarukel will leave temporarily.

* Summon Ossunet (add that drops ink clouds):  Ossunet defiles the arena with Befouling Ink (ink clouds through the arena) which do damage and a slow.  Befouling Ink can be carried to Sarukel by players:  running through the ink while Sarukel is active will cause it to be picked up (you'll get a debuff), and it will be removed when coming within close range of Sarukel.

Phase Two Strategy Summary:
* Run against Sarukel's Beckon.
* Pick up ink and take it to Sarukel.
* Get out of the charge.
* Kill the Abyss Stalkers asap, as their clouds serve no purpose in Phase Two.
* Keep soaking the hydra shot!  Make sure that everyone who can soak it, does.
* Pro tip:  can try to time the switch to Phase Two just as the jellyfish spawn so the players with murlocks can remove them.  Otherwise the murlocks will stick around into Phase Two.

PHASE THREE:  Vast Oceans of Wrath

Starts at 40%.

Phase Three is a combination of abilities from Phase One and Two:  The boss summons Ossunet (the ink guy), Vellius (the charge + knockback guy) (as in Phase Two), and the Razorjar Waverunner murlocks and does the tornadoes (as in Phase One.).

* We'll have tornadoes and the clouds
* We'll still have the Burden of Pain and Hydra Shot.
* The jumping fish
* The ink, but no whale to get rid of:  pick up the ink when convenient just to get it off the floor.
* We'll get the murlocks but NOT the jellyfish which remove them.  This is a soft enrage mechanic.  We need to kill the boss before the damage becomes unsealable.

Recommended to use Bloodlust in Phase Three.

Phase Three Strategy Summary
We'll have murlocks and tornadoes from Phase One, and Charges and Ink Clouds from Phase Two.  No Sarukel though.

Here's the Fat Boss video guide, take a look!

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