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Miss Cylina
I am Miss Cylina an Undead Rogue once a Blood Elf. When the war of the Scourge reached Quel'Thalas my husband and I fought SIde by side. I died of corse, later i was brough back to fight with scourge as Undead. For my husband Vydath rumor has it that he fled from battle and lives. I quest everyday to find my love and him Blood Elf and me undead yes it will be different but love sees past the flesh.
One day i came acrossed a troll killing Ogres in Feralas name was Vosiri a priest i helped her on her quest and she assisted me and from that day we have stuck together as a family she told me of a Tribe that she was part of that was all close loke family the name of that tribe was the Ironsong Tribe, hearing of it made me go onto a quest to become a part of this tribe, the way she spoke of the closeness i attended a moot and than another how much i wanted to be a part of this family i longed for it all the time i was told there was a way to be a part of this family and i quest to this moment to do that. That is so far my greatest and most challenging quests yet...
I wish to one day be a part of this family but until that i shall be alone once again, my past familys were not close didnt comunicate and were very rude... this is my story of my journey so far thanks for listening.

Miss Cylina :twisted:
If you are married then why is your name Miss? Have you lost hope of your quest to find your husband?

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