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Mini-Quest: You Complete Me
Do you have the pre-wrath blues?
Do you have some old quests to tie up that are gathering dust in your quest logs?
New talents and a new patch are coming!
Lets get together and try out some new things and get some old things done!

Mini-Quest Night
Starts Oct 21
Will run Tuesday Nights for the next few weeks.
6:30 ST
We will meet at the Inner circle in Shattrah.

From there lets group up...decide who needs what quests and go help each other. We can get some things done before the expansion and try out some new skills together. These could turn into instance runs depending on what quests members need but we will decide based on who comes and what is needed by the majority.

I will organize but others are welcome to organize on their own! I mainly want to designate a time so members know ahead to come online at the same time.

See you there!

Sing True Ironsong!

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