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Mini-Moot (Level 55 & Under / Tuesdays)

Fall is here and we would like to begin Mini-Mooting again. I am very glad to announce my new assistant in this event...the illustrious SOUND!

In the next week we will be updating the Sticky post on this forum with some new info.
The basic format will remain the same. The event is for any character under level 55 to get help with quests and instances.

What is Mini-mooting? We get tribemates together to sort of "mini-raid" an instance or set of quests. This may help you get the item you wanted...or help you get some quests done in a hurry. It may not be a big XP event, but it sure is a lot of fun!

We start in a raid group so we can sort groups easily, assign a group leader...then groups disassemble and reinvite each other. When we can send a higher level member along to help move things faster we will, but that is always up to the players. You can request help for your quests, or volunteer to help your tribemates.

Last spring we had alot of fun on Tuesdays with this event.

I will start calling for invites at 5:30. We want to try to be assembled and grouped by 6:00 so we can start.

We will alternate meeting at the courtyard of UC or the main gates of Org from week to week.

Either Sound or myself will be starting/running the event depending on each others availability.

Sing True!


"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."
-Sun-tzu, The Art of War


We will make an announcement in GC at the appointed time. Start by sending DISPAYA or SOUND a tell and asking to join the event, followed by a brief description of what you need to do and where.

Please FIRST advise you are joining the event. I will not announce missions until everyone is assembled. Once you are invited, you are committed to help so it will be fair for all. This will be like a raid group in that respect.

You can get help on your task or you may be assigned to assist a tribemate on their task. If yours does not get done it will go on the list to be top goal for next week. (I will always do my best but cannot make promises on this as it will be based on attendance.) I wish to place emphasis on being flexible and helping your tribe.

Loot rules will be standard Ironsong loot rules and your group can always decide on variations.

My goal is to act as a coordinator for the tribe. Ultimately quests and missions can always be changed by the players. I will RP this as assigning missions but there is no penalty if your group changes things mid stream. It's always up to YOU! ;-)

"The best way to help yourself is to help your tribe"
Sing True Ironsong!
Ooh, ooh a reson to play my Alts - Yummy!
Vote Akora for MA!
This is such a fantastic plan! Especially since all of my characters are presently under 55... *giggle*
Mini-Moot News

Last nights event was a success. I sent 2 groups out..one to SFK and one to WC. The SFK group was led by Ronx and Moxi led the WC mission. We won 2 weapons for Rinu...one the now famous "Stinging Viper" which is the weapon that essentially forged Ironsong...and the robes of Arugal were won for Jessabrie. Everyone had fun. I broke them into groups and assigned each group a leader and placed the mission success on them. There was RP involved and also fun for the players.

Palpo (Kernhoof) was a great help..thanks so much for coming out!

One of the players told me they loved Moxi as she is a trip!

I was very pleased that Jessabrie offered to help the tribe after the mini-moot. You see, when others helped her it inspired her to help others. We need more of this within our ranks. Well done sister!

Several Level 60's showed up to lend support including Lucrenda and Krell. If I did not have missions for you just know that this event is intended for lower level players...however you are always welcome to come even just to RP. If you get sent on a mission as a guardian that will be a great help. Each week it will always be different depending on who shows up. Thanks so much for coming and offering to help!

For future mini-moots, I want to continue to emphasize helping each other. I found last night that things will default to higher level players helping lower level ones, as the reverse will be very difficult. I think this is fine as I will be assigning leaders which will give some players experience in that role as well. The level 60's raid and help each other win loot, so this is a "Mini" version of that. As we help each other progress these same players will be helping us when they reach 60 and will add to our tribes growth and strength. I feel this is the true spirit of Ironsong.

I think last was an example of how strong we are when we work together as a tribe! Sing True Ironsong!

I welcome any feedback as this event develops. All my Love and Power

Sing True Ironsong!
Mini-Moot News

Last night we sent out 2 teams.

Veramorla led an attack on SFK in hopes of hacking Arugals dagger for Trazey. Sad to say, the wretch had hidden the dagger and it was never found. Neverhteless, Vera led an outstanding mission. Many went along including Jessabrie, Noram and Carthan.

I took Wakaraina to WC personally to slay the leaders of the fang. Lucinther came along as our scout and bodyguard. Together we accomplished our mission and Waka walked away with a boatload of treasures. This will help her along on her journeys.

Shortly after the SFK group wrapped another group formed to attack BFD. I was proud to see lower level tribe helping each other in this way. I found this to be proof that this event is helping the younger tribe members to get to know one another. Keep up the good work! You do your tribe proud!

When I send a level 60 to "escort" a group of lower level players they are referred to as "Guardians." It is their job to make sure all quests are accomplished for the group and to look our for all tribe mates. This is a position of honor. For future guardians, I want to advise that you are there to help, but not to do everything or give the others a free ride. Your participation may expedite things though and make a 3-4 hour instance workable in a 2-3 hour time. I like how this works as these missions are intended to be "mini-raids." You can get your quests done and find treasure but may not get as much xp if a Guardian assists you, but you can always return to the instances with your tribe mates and do them again for xp.

I have discovered that being a Guardian gives a member a chance to lead and run a mission. This will be valuable for our members experience in leading higher level groups. If you want to join the mini moots as a Guardian you can always send me a whisper to go on the guardian list. If I have an assignment for you I will let you know. If not you may depart after groups form with our thanks for offering.

That is all for this week. All my love and power

Sing True Ironsong!
Mini-Moot News

Last night we had to cancel due to lack of participants. Only 2 showed up.
We will try again next week! I am sure participation will vary from week to week so for those who came do not lose heart..there is always another day!

See you next Tuesday in Orgrimmar!

Sing True Ironsong!
Mini-Moot News

Last night we sent out 3 groups to BFD, RFD and ST. We were honored to have 2 officers, Priestess Shillatae and Lady Eveline accompany the ST group as Guardians. Carthan completed 2 quests there and said "I had a great time!" Our newest member, Vanea went along as well and was a very great help. This group was led by the up and coming Hotahu.

Drakyth the Rogue led the expedition to RFD. This was Draks first chance to lead and he did a great job. I sent him with the challenge of taking a lvl 30 (Salfira) through with the group. They succeeded in slaying the lich and Drak told me he learned a lot about leading, and said he never had a chance to tank before!

The BFD group was led by Silat (and an alt) and the group did well. Flagg, Corij and Irette helped this group along and all were standing by the end.

A word on leaders. I purposely try to choose leaders who have never lead before. We all have to start somewhere. Likewise I purposely try to let the usual leaders take a break and just play for a change.

A word on groups. I purposely mix groups up with different levels and classes. Sometimes it is luck of the draw for who shows up. Sometimes I do it on purpose to make things interesting for the group. I sent Salfira along to RFD last night as a kind of challenge to Drak to keep her alive. It made the instance harder. It was supposed to. ;-)

At some point one of these experiments may fail. If something does not work out, so be it...there is always another night. Your group can always choose to do whatever they want no matter the RP of assigning a task. You can always discuss amongst yourselves what to do or, where to go or what to change. It is always up to you and I will never RP you as failing or quitting. This is for fun...that is always the most important thing.

For your requests, I will default to instances if no one gives me any other quests but you can also pick an area like Tarren Mill for example and say you have quests there, and your group may be assigned to help. I do not want to instance everyone to the point of boredom. There is alot to do in the world of Azeroth and most of the positive feedback I have been getting is coming from members playing along with other members...roleplaying and getting to know each other. From this standpoint, it will not matter so much where you are as who you are with. For this reason especially, this event will not work unless you come join and are willing to help, relax and just have fun!

All my love and power

Sing True Ironsong!
Tuesday this week we had a small turnout.

I led a small group through RFK consisting of Slaxx and Wakaraina. Daichallar volunteered as a guardian and took 2 through Uldaman.

A good time was had by all. Sing True Ironsong!

Sing True Ironsong!
Last night we were honored by the great Amato coming to join one of our moots. He led a team into Scarlet Monastery and the group completed many quests and won a few loots as well.

Utsusemi took one of our young rogues through SFK also. Many thanks to you Utsu for volunteering your time to help a tribe mate.

I am still working on the moot time and not sure if a start time of 5 is good with a close time of 5:30 OR if it should be 5:30-6. I am wary of starting groups out too late since there may be travel time and some planning discussion involved. As always if you have any feedback let me know.

Remember that after you join there will be a delay while groups are planned. I do not have a way to entertain everyone while working on that but feel free to gather and dual or entertain yourselves. I hope to find a "helper" sometime soon to help with that a little. (See note above)

I wish to encourage any lvl 60's to come out one week and lead a group. The younger members enjoy getting to know senior members and its a good way to help your tribe along.

All my love and power

Sing True Ironsong!
Mini-moot for Tuesday the 20th will be run by Daichallar

THANKS SO MUCH DAI....good luck with them...
the new recruits are a bit soft around the edges...maybe you can whip them into shape a bit.

Sing True Ironsong!
Well, since Dispaya won't be running the Mini-moot. I will. See you all at the gates of Ironforge..... errr.... I mean Orgrimmar. Same time.
My thanks to Daichallar for running the event last night.


The next mini -moot will start next Tueday at the courtyard of UC

I am currently seeking an assistant to help each week. Level 60 is best. You might escort tribemates on hard tasks and will help coordinate events. I'd also like you to be able to run this event if I am not available. Please send me a tell in game if you are interested![/color]

Be well!

Sing True Ironsong!
Though we were gravely disturbed by the absence of our traditional leader, Dispaya, we did have several Tribesmates show up for this astounding mini-moot. It all started in the Undercity, when Wakaraina asked folks where they wanted to head for the evening. Vacosmojin mentioned that he had a bone to pick with Arcanist Doan in the Scarlet Monastery, and Wakaraina was looking to defeat Ms. Whitemane there as well. Turning a Scarlet Tabard over in his hands, our escort, Amato, insisted that he also needed to show the Scarlet Crusade a thing or two. After picking up Kraala in the Undercity to come along, we headed into the Scarlet Monastery.

We began by going into the Library. As we were nearing the gates, we head a voice from behind us. "Can I come too?" asked Jessabrie. Of course, the more the merrier! With our troupe numbering a solid five, we went into the Library. Kraala retrieved an important tome there, and then we were able to defeat the Arcanist Doan. Again, Kraala picked up an important item - the Hypnotic Blade.

We continued from there into the graveyard. How the "holy" Crusade permits the Scourge to exist within it's walls, I am still uncertain. Amato continued to lead us through these dangers, and we defeated the undead wizard, as well as the Lich Scorn. The Lich even dropped a rare item, the Frozen Clutch. Though Wakaraina cannot yet use them, she picked them up to hold until she can.

That brought us up to the final chapter in our adventure - the Chapel itself. Sadly, Vacosmojin had to leave for Trollish parts unknown. Kraala was also getting nervous, worried that in her weakness she might draw unwanted attention upon our troupe. We assured her that would would all protect her, no matter what. We defeated all of the scoundrels residing there - their hidden lich, as welll as the Scarlet Commander Mograine, and the High Priest Whitemane! We discovered the myths surrounding the pair were true. Whitemane indeed has the power to revive the dead, though rather imperfectly. We defeated her, and then once again faced off against the battered and bloody Mograine, who soon fell to Amato's claw. Their shield and hammer were kept as mementos by Wakaraina.

Jessabrie opened a portal to the Undercity, and we again split up to explore places unknown...
Ver' well done, Waka! Ah'm pleased t'be hearin' 'bout de successes o'our Tribelings any day o'de week, 'specially 'gainst de Scourge o'late. Congratulations on fellin' Scorn an' all de battle y'faced las' night, an' on all de rewards y'carried outta dere. Good job!

Spirits be wit ya,
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
((I was absent due to my internet connection being down. Heavy rains and flooding in my area probably contributed.))

The spirit of the mini-moot is for tribe to help each other. I could never be more pleased than to hear such a great adventure. I had oft thought when creating this event, that it should be able to run even without me...as long as everyone knows to plan on a time.

I commend you all on a great adventure. Gods be willing I will see you next week at Orgrimmar.

As always you continue to have, all my love and power


PS: My thanks to you Amato for keeping and protecting them in such a wretched place. You are a true Ironsong Hero.

Sing True Ironsong!

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