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Mindial's old journal.
((This is a History or Mindiall He has very little Memory of this event but has found a journal containing this memory))

He was Born to a Mother in a small outpost Near the Gol' Bolar Quarry. When his mother was found she was half dead. Open wounds coved her body. Blood colored snow marked the spot where she laid dieing. She was found by a scouting party made of dwarf's.

**Inside a Small cozy cabin an older Female dwarf is Cutting up some potatoes** *the Door Slams Open letting in a Bitter Cold gust of air.*

*A stout Dwarf quickly rushes in carrying a huge bundle of Skins*

"Quickly Marva Get some clean Towels!"

Marva " Conway Stonebrow ya just don't Barge in ta' th..."

Conway "NOW WIFE!!"

*Marva Stops abruptly as she stares at the bloody face of the woman Conway was carrying*

*Conway sets the girl on the bed* " You Jorgen, *points to a young dwarf who bears a striking resemblance to Conway* Go fetch some hot water!"

*Jorgen, White faced rushes out the door.*

*Marva Kneels beside the bed to inspect the wounds. After a moment she Gasps* "Oh no!... she's pregnant!"

"Aye and she's not waiting to give birth either!"*Conway exclaimed.*

***later that night***

*Conway Stonebrow Walks up to the cabin and props the shovel he is carrying beside the Front door. He walks in the house followed closely by Jorgen."

*Marva eyes Conway as he enters* Marva speaks quietly "Conway your filthily, wipe your feet before you come in... you to Jorgan."

*Conway sighs softly as he wipes his feet and heads over to the wash basin. "So... humm.. Marva. What are we going to do for the child" Conway asked in a soft tone.

*Marva looks at the sleeping babe bundled in her arms* You mean our child?

*Conway looks straight at Marva* "Dearest we have already raised three of our own. What are we going to do with a Fourth. And a human at that!"

*Marva looks daggers at Conway* "Well who else will take care of the child? Surely no one around here is better suited than us."

*Conway paused* "Well...There is Amberstill he...."

"Amberstill!! That theafing blowhard wouldn’t know the first thing about children."

"Hear me out Marva. He takes Normal trips to Ironforge. The city has places for the child to go. There is even Quite a few Humans who can take him in. They can take much better care of him, than us."

"He isn’t going and that finial!." * Marva stated in a tone that spoke of finality.*

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/?#character-sheet.xml?r=Silver+Hand&n=Mindiall">http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/?#cha ... n=Mindiall</a><!-- m -->
A cold wind blew thought the Iceblood tower. Commander Loius Philips tightens his grip on the cloak surrounding him. He slowly turns around to see four of his officers at attention. His weary eye over looks the ragged appearance of his men. Sighing ever so slightly his eyes lock on one of his lieutenants.

“Vol’talar Report!”

Lieutenant Vol’talar steps forward and salutes. “Coman’da, me scouts be telling me da alliance are mass’n near snow fall. We do belive they are trin’ to grab the high ground. Sir. If they do capture Snowfall da capt’n will be in trouble. We be need’n to send…”

A glare from the commander stops Vol’talar for a moment.

“Coman’da we all be kno’n how short we be on men. But as strong as da capt’n is, he cannot face the alliance army alone. We got’a send someone.” Vol’talar stops talking as he hears footsteps coming up the stairs. He places his hand on his spear as turns his head slightly to hear better! Every one else in the room senses the sudden tension in the lieutenant and quickly grabs their weapons.A moment later there is a knock at the door. The officers look to the commander.

In a rough growling voice “Who’s there!”

“Sergeant Mindiall, Scout squad two! I bring new from the front lines!” Commander Loius Philips glances at Lieutenant Lewis and sees him tense up even more. Lewis makes eye contact with the commander. The commander nods to Lewis. Lewis walks to the door and opens it just as commander Dardosh and Lieutenant Grummus reach the top of the stairs. Blinking Lewis steps aside and motions for them all to enter. Mindiall shuffles in and stands against the wall one arm bandaged tightly and the other clutching his side. Mindiall keeps his eyes down being very careful not to meet anyone’s gaze.

“Well Commander? We where not expecting to see you and your Lieutenant here today?” All eyes shift to the orc commander.

“I think it would be better for the sergeant to speak.” Commander Dardosh nods to Mindiall who is still looking at the floor intently. After a moment Mindiall takes a deep breath and looks up at Commander Loius Philips.

“Sergeant Mindiall, 2nd Scout squad reporting. We where on assignment on the east side of the Field of Strife, we where observing the enemy’s movements. We saw Wing Commander Guse, she had taken damage and went down Near the Stonehearth Bunker. Our team leader decided to assist Guse. In short we where ambushed by a well trained Squadren lead by Commander Randolph. If Dardosh and Grummus had not showed we all would have been wiped out. As it stands three out of the seven sent have returned.”

“I take it that your officers did not make the trip back?”

“no sir.” Loius Philips glances at Lewis and notices the loss registered in his face.

“Very well this meeting is halted until sundown this evening. Go take care of the wounded.”

~~Outside Iceblood tower on the road to Tower point~~

“So he did not make it this time.?” It was more of a Statement then a question.

“No. I’m afraid not.” Mindiall look at Lieutenant Lewis and sighs. “ I’m sor…”

“Don’t you dare say it. Your brother would never forgive you. He died in battle. We all knew it would happen.”

Mindiall stops and puts his hand on a nearby tree.
“You don’t understand. You really don’t.”
Mindiall start to tremble. Rage evident In his voice
“He died because of me… He Died Saving this WORTHLESS CARCASS!”

The tree Mindiall is touching suddenly explodes into an Orange mass of fire. Jumpping back Mindiall looks at the stump in amazement.shakeing his Head claer he starts to walk away, not looking back.
“ We shall not speak of this again Lewis.”

((sorry this was so long winded but I just could not stop writing. More to come.))
Snow lazily falls over the virgin forest. The setting sun far to the west cuts under the grey snow clouds above. Beams of light filter though the foliage making the snow glimmer in a cascading light show. Milton Dial Stonebrow walks on the familiar snow covered path. Automatically avoiding the gnarled root that lays to the side, Milton starts to whistle a happy tune. Dangling from his shoulder a two white rabbits hang on a string. Apparently his new traps had been working perfectly. Checking his pocket for what seemed to be the hundredth time Milton felt the reassuring presence of the small brown package he had so carefully saved up for. The trip to the forges of Kharanos had taken longer than expected. It started to grow dark.

“Mother’s going to have a cow when I show her” Grinning to himself he Runs the last half mile to the small log cabin nestled on the hill side. Nearing the cabin the sultry smell of a spiced stew attacks his senses, and he quickens his pace. The gnawing pit he called a stomach reminded him it had been close to 7 hours since his last meal. Entering the clearing where his house was Milton skirted around the edge to the back. Hooking the tied rabbits to the skinning post Milton runs to the back door and quietly walks in. Looking around Milton sees the empty kitchen. Listening he hears two voices talking from the Living room, both speaking to quietly to hear, but he recognized the voices of his Mother and Father. Tiptoeing Milton makes it all the way across the kitchen to the hall entrance before...

“Milton Dial Stonebrew Wher’ in Azeroth haf ya been boy! I was about ta call tha hounds oh ya!”

Marva Stonebrew stands a good foot shorter Than Milton but nevertheless she towers over Milton. *Smiling sheepishly Milton when up and hugged his mother* The rock hard Dwarf Softens at the touch.

“Now come boy get of’ ya mother” The tone of her voice was different. The edge lost.

Milton Backed up and grinned at his mother. He saw his father, Conway, come up behind Marva and lean against the door frame. The Graying Dwarf looked well worn but still ready to Pick up the house if needed. His Wrinkled face showed a slight smile; Just the upward quark of one side of his mouth. Looking at his mother again Milton almost shook in anticipation. Drawing out the Small package he hastily gave the package to her. Eyeing the unassuming box Martha slowly accepts the package.

“Now Milton, what is this. Not trying to butter me up now?”

“Please open it. I got it just for you. Almost bursting with anticipation Milton looks on excitedly.

Unwrapping the package revealed a Velvet blue box neatly tied with a ribbon.
Eyeing her son Marva unties the ribbon and open the box to reveal a dazzling Silver Necklace. Gasping Marva pull the necklace free from its container. Along the long silver chain hung a brilliant golden draenite. The light reflected off the Smooth cuts of the stone scattering golden flakes of light across the room.

In a soft whisper “ It’s beautiful…” Ripping her eyes from the necklace she looks at Milton. Milton raises his hand forestalling any questioning.

“Mother, I want you to have this , but I have to tell you two something.”

*turning his attention to his Father*. I’ve come to a decision about what we discussed.”

*Conway scratched his chin a moment thinking.* “ I gue’s there is no thing I can do to change yar mind?

Milton shakes his head no. Marva looks at the two in confusion. “Wha’ are you talk’en about” the necklace halfway forgotten in her hands. Conway made a quick gesture towards Milton.

Talking a deep breath Milton looks at his mother. “ Mom… I’ve decided to find out who and where my real parents came from.” * He starts to speak quickly trying to get it all out before she could stop him. “You will always be my parents, but I have been wondering more and more who i really am. When I came from, and what happened to my mother. I spoke with father not to long ago about how I feel, And he told me the whole story of my mother and the grave in the woods. I need to know mom. Please don’t get mad” there was a slight pleading n his voice.

Looking rather shocked. Marva clutched the necklace in her hands. After a few strained moment of silence Marva smiled a rather weak smile. “I would n’t dream of stopping ya dear.” The moments pause after his mother spoke was all the time needed for Miltons Stomach to issue it’s complaint with a loud growl.

“Oh dear ya must be starv’en.” Marva rushes off grabbing dishes and spoons.

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