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Milair formerly of The Fated
I am Milair and I have much to learn:
  • I was promoted to the rank of Blood Guard before I fell in with an unspeakable evil,pacifists! They tricked me into not fighting the Alliance, the fiends. Upon hearing that one of her most loyal and trusted forsaken was losing the path to righteousness The Dark Lady called to me ordered me to resume my quest to destroy the Alliance and that if I was to refuse I would suffer a fate worse then death...

    I have been using my meager roguish abilities to pursue only the greatest and most noble task, such as locating flags in all alliance strongholds, and liberating them! While this may seem like a strange task I was tasked with accomplishing it by a magical voice I heard in my head while a I was walking through Alterac Valley. It said "Cap the damn flag, if you do not all is lost" I'm not one to argue with magical voices in my head, after all that is how the Dark Lady called me to the freedom I now enjoy.

    As for my goals I have few but they are indeed great. I wish to be able to turn the tide in many great battles with the most dangerous foes this world has to offer. I wish to be the first rogue to master the art of using mail. I also wish to join the Ironsong tribe. I can do a bit of engineering but I must be blunt I do not enjoy it, and I'm also quite good at identifying and collecting many different herbs. I am excellent at first aid because I was forced to learn to not depend on Logros for healing.

    I am currently one of the founding members of The Fated, we where a group of like minded people who showed the alliance no mercy in Warsong! I have only one reason for leaving my beloved guild, we are too small of a group to complete what must be done to strengthen the Horde.

    As for a great trial I have had many... Perhaps too many to recount but I will try and recall one.

    If my memory serves me correctly, I was alone guarding the lumber mill while the rest of the guard was attempting to assault the stables. I was concerned that the mill was so lightly defended but not one was coming to attack so I had to just stay alert for sneak attacks. My team took the stables and we rejoiced! The joy was short lived, cresting the hill coming from the mine where ten, maybe twelve alliance, as big as ogres and very fast. The first eight-ish stopped at the farm and did unspeakable things to the flag and defenders. Three of them kept riding towards the mill, A priest, a warrior, and a gnome mage. I was not worried about the priest, or the warrior, but the mage had me scared I have trouble hitting getting my cheap shot off on them on account of gnomes being so short. I backed up until I was against the flag, and waited until they crested the hill. As the snouts of their tigers appeared over the hill I knew I had to act. I threw a rock and managed to distract them, and as a bonus the warrior spurred his mount while he was distracted and the animal bolted right off the cliff. I sprinted forward and saped the priest, in the same instant I cheap shotted the damn gnome while he was still mounted. I proceeded to wail upon him with great blow that began to hemorrhage. In a moment of cold blooded rage I struck the gnome with a Eviscerate and he dropped dead. I then turned my attention onto disappearing I use my vanish powder and was gone before the priest escaped my sap. I was fully prepared so dealing with the priest would be easy, I hit him with a cheap shot and the went to town on him. I punched him in the kidneys and used the time he was gasping in pain to call for help and do as much damage to him as possible. I was able to hurt him badly enough that he decided that fleeing was a better idea then staying and fighting, this was a bad choice, he ran right into the help I called for and was ripped apart by them. While I was upset that I did not kill the priest myself I was happy that I murdered the gnome without him being able to so much as cry out for help!

    I enjoy the trials and challenges of the battlegrounds, however I also enjoy exploring the many dungeons of Azeroth and I'm looking forward to killing many dragons with the tribe, if you find me worthy.

    I have read the Totem and I feel I can agree to all the points in it.[/list:u]

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