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Melee Hunter
Greetings Ironsong!

I seek advice on how I may make my Hunter a better melee fighter. I am already on the path to become a sole melee hunter, however I do not possess the extensive knowledge of how difficult the path may be. I do not wish to hear how my choice is a bad one. I wish to hear of thoughts and Ideas which may help me to become unique within our world. Please Ironsong help me if you can.

(( I know this is probably a bad choise but I have stuck to the path and have done quite well so far. I am survival spec and will have all but 10 points in Survival and the other 10 points in Beast Mastery ( solely for the Aspect of the Monkey Bonus ). I specialize in Two handed weapons and was also wondering if any one can recommend a weapon type. The plan is to share agro with my pet and so far I have stuck with my first pet and its a Durotar Tiger. If there are better please let me know. I am an Enchanter as well so I hope thats going to help me as well. Also my plan is to focus on Str, Sta Stat Bonuses. Any advice on my plan would be greatly appreciated. And no I have no intention of changing my idea Tongue ))
(( I am very aware of the criticism I will recieve for such an Idea. However I have adopted an "I dont care what you think" attitude towards those that think this game is bound by a set standard. Sure they may have designed a hunter to be ranged but it does not mean that I cannot find a way to deal more damage in melee as well as take more damage. It is something I dont think anyone has truly dedicated themselves to like I am going to. Its going to be challenging and the game is constantly changing. Anyone that is going to make a problem of this should not be playing because it is insulting and not very accurate seeing this is a role playing game and I am merely just playing a role that is different than others choose to play. ))
I commend you on your drive! Er, however, I don't like getting close enough to let anything hit me, so I am not a good person to ask. Sreng likes to get hit on, ask him.
I thought the Warlord only liked getting "hit on" by Tauren females?

He is such a devil...*wink*

Sing True Ironsong!
( my alliance hunter is a melee hunter, though not quite as many talent points in survival as you seem to have. One thing that will be key though, is the few melee abilities you do have, take mana. Ive burned through mana more than ive been burned through hp. Strength for melee power will help as well. Having a high spirit will help also. Cant think of much more right at the moment though. Stick with it! Its a fun way to play a hunter! )

I also chose a Survival build, but not for the sole purpose of being melee. I will look for you in game in order to chat with you more about your options.

That way I can look at the Talent tree more in depth, and hopefully give you a couple of tips.

Orc Hunter
I am honored to hear so many replies to my plea. I am glad to hear that so many of you do not critisize my goals. When I found out our Warlord was a Survival hunter I was driven to become melee and almost totally Survival. I appreciate all of your advice and will most likely use it to achieve my goals. I hope to hear more advice from all of you. Thank you.

Mokimi & Imikom,
Warhuntress and Friend

(( I am hopefully going to be on this saturday. Usually early morning. Only a week till I get my own computer then i can actually be more part of Ironsong. ))
i tell you one thing. if you find out how you can make hunters ure Melee let me know. I lv my hunter to 40 and really hate not being able to get down a dirty with mobs. i tried all different specs and none of them make hunters a feasable melee fighter.

so with that said my advice would be. If you really want to play a melee class go with warrior, druid, or rogue.
(( Thanks, however its not about fighting as a melee class, its about taking a class thats not designed for such things and trying to make it different. I just hit 40 for my hunter and now having mail armour is gonna make a big difference on what kind of hits I can take. Also I have to learn to build stats that are not normally needed for a ranged hunter so I can deal/take more damage. Its an Idea and if people choose to condemn me for it by not letting me raid or party with them then so be it, It is not going to change my mind because people say its not the way the game is supposed to be played. If it all works out I will most definately share my knowledge and promote more melee hunters. If it doesnt work out I can always re-spec....but I wont find out till the very end when I fight stronger enemies and endure a raid or two. ))
(( This is just to let you all know that I am still commited to designing my hunter as a meelee hunter. I have chosen a spec build that I am going to test out. I have played in WSG quite a few times and I am quite impressed at how my hunter is performing in regards to being able to rush the alliance opposition. I admit I do not last long, but....I do manage to take some with me when I do finally go. I have chosen a build that is basically all survival except for enough points for Aimed shot....still being a hunter I always rely on my shots as an initial before drawing my sword to attack them.....Some of you in the Guild have been very helpful in your suggestions and some of you are even willing to help me achieve my goal and for those I truly thank you and will do whatever it takes to see if my idea can work....Dedication and determination is what I have to try and turn something that most people think it cannot be......))

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