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May not be here on Saturday
It's my Daguhters 1st Birthday party and it ends at 4pm, so don't coun't me out totally but I may not be available.
[Image: Eatmore.png]
I'll be gone as well, moving that day.

Have fun with the BDay party Eatmore Big Grin
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I'll also be gone because of Thanksgiving festivities-- I'll arrange something with someone to help get the weighted rolls taken care of however.
Aye, offline here all day as well.
Kosath Whitehorn
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I'm not sure if it was posted, though we told lots of people... Vanea and Nar are out of town as well!
meep! If Gruul does end up happening today, could someone ever so kindly take a screenshot of those in attendance for both Maguar and Gruul and write down the names of those who recieve loot, pretty please? I've been impossibly busy with family this weekend and haven't had the chance to drag someone into doing this quiiiite yet. thank you!
It didn't happen, didn't even try.
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