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Maut is a two-phase encounter which revolves around managing the boss' mana:

During Phase One, players need to reduce the rate at which the boss gains mana.

During Phase Two, the raid needs to damage through the boss' mana bar while absorbing mana-granting orbs that travel toward the boss.


The boss can take damage during this phase.  During Phase Two he doesn't take any damage at all.

We want to remain in this phase as long as we can.

The boss starts with NO mana, and gradually gains it at a steady rate.  The boss can gain additional mana from a Dark Manifestation.

The boss will cast a large purple void zone which draws players toward it, then explodes, spawning a Dark Manifestation add.

A tank needs to pick up the Dark Manifestation add and tank it 20+ yards from the boss, or the boss will consume a large part of its mana.  When attacked, the add loses MANA rather than health.  When the mana is gone, it will despawn.  The add has only one ability, Dark Offering, which takes 20% of its mana and gives it to Maut.  We can interrupt this ability by taking the add in a purple void zone (see below).

--> Tank must pick up Dark Manifestation add and drag it to a purple void zone at least 20 yards from Maut.

Devour Magic:  debuff placed on multiple players.  After 6 seconds, it will splash damage to everyone within a purple circle centered on the player, AND will give mana to Maut for each player hit by the splash, AND leave behind a void zone.  This zone does ticking damage AND silences AND makes anything standing in it immune to magic damage -- players OR ADDS.  These void zones are critical in managing the Dark Manifestations.

--> Overlap the void zones in one area of the room.  Tank the Dark Manifestation next to the void zones, and when they cast Dark Offering, drag the add into the purple void zone to silence it.  Then move them back out.

The boss will also cast Stygian Annihilation, which will do LETHAL DAMAGE to the raid.

--> Players must stand next to the purple void zones too, and step into them toward the end of the Stygian Annihilation cast, to be immune.

The boss will also cast Black Wings, a frontal cone targeted at melee, which does a big knockback.  This is fairly easy for melee to dodge, but harder for ranged, as the cone is bigger and the knockback can potentially knock you off the platform.
--> Melee should stand on one side of the boss (which will bait the Black Wings in that direction) while the ranged stands on the other side.

Maut will also cast Consuming Mana, which is a DoT applied to random players which scales with the boss' mana.
--> Healers be aware of increasing damage from this over the course of the phase.

The boss will also cast Shadow Claws on the tank, which does physical damage and applies a stacking DoT.
--> Tanks will need to swap.  FatBoss suggests swapping between each add.

Once Maut gets full mana he'll move into the center of the room and Phase Two will begin.


All of the void zones will immediately detonate, so get out of those.

The boss will gain a mana shield which the raid will need to damage through within 60 seconds.  If we don't, Maut will explode and wipe the raid.  As long as the mana shield is up he will also gain a permanent stacking damage increase.

However, all the damage we deal to him is reflected back at us, so this is very demanding on the healers.

To help us, orbs will spawn around the room and travel toward Maut.  If they reach him they'll give him a ton of mana.  Players can intercept them, which will do raid-wide damage (the sooner this is done after it spawns, the lower the raid-wide damage is done).  Soakers are then buffed with Forbidden Mana.  After 6 seconds it will grant all allies within 20 yards an enormous 150% boost in mana generationAND a 50% healing increase for 8 seconds.

--> Raid stacks up next to Maut.  Assign players to different areas of the room to intercept the orbs as soon as possible, then bring the buff back to the raid.

Players will occasionally be debuffed with Drain Essence, which does damage and gives mana to Maut for 8 seconds.  When dispelled/expires, it deals splash damage and removes mana from players within 8 yards but doesn't give mana to Maut.

--> If possible, dispell players as soon as they get the debuff, regardless of whether they've moved out or not, so that the boss gets as little mana as possible.  If that is too much damage, wait until the affected players leave the group, then dispell them.
Once we break through the shield, the fight goes back to Phase One.  It's the same, except that the boss now has a damage increase.

--> We want to kill the boss before too many Phase Twos.
Additional notes:


* Swap around 2-4 stacks of Shadow Wounds.  Try to time the swap for Dark Manifestation spawns.
* Move the add INTO a void zone when it casts Dark Offering to interrupt it, then take it back out.  This means you will be moving into and out of the void zones regularly.  Dark Offering is the only ability the add has, so if you see a cast bar --> move add into void zone.


* Kill the adds as quickly as possible.
* Spread out to drop your void zones.  Anybody caught in the void zone when it drops gives Maut mana.  But don't drop them too far go as we need those void zones for add interrupts / Stygian Annihilation.

During Phase 2, mobile ranged should run out to soak the orbs, then run the buff back into the group.  The sooner the orbs are soaked, the less raid damage they do when they are popped.

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