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Maraudon and the Sunken Temple
Ok, for my next guide and suggestions, I will lay out the quests for Maraudon and the Sunken Temple.


Maraudon is located in Desolace, and you will find the majority of the quests for the instance there as well. We have done this instance several times now, and I do strongly recommend being 48+ before venturing into here, preferably 50+. The amount of damage some of the packs of monsters can put out is very high, and the poison effects are very bad, especially from slimes (note, nature resistance is very useful here).

Maraudon is divided into two main parts, called inner and outer maraudon. All of the quests except for one can be completed in outer Maraudon. Please note that this dungeon is extremely long (took us 5 hours the first time, and we skipped a quest), but it has the saving grace of giving you an item to go straight to inner maraudon (which takes an hour and a half or less if done right) any time you want if you complete outer maraudon. There are actually two entrances to the zone, one through the purple caverns and one through the orange ones (you'll see what I mean when you reach that point). It is recommended to take the purple cavern entrance for most quests.

On to the quests:

Shadowshard Fragments: This comes from the mage trainer in the valley of wisdom in Orgrimmar, and is actually a level 42 quest which can be done entirely outside of the insatnce in the purple crystal caves there. Each fragment can be picked up by the entire group, so it is a good collect quest.

Viletongue Corruption: This comes from a guy in Shadowprey village at the top of one of the buildings, and sends you into the instance in the orange caverns to cleanse some pools. This is actually the quest we skipped, as it takes you a bit out of the way and can add an hour to the instance. Recommend doing this separately from the rest.

Twisted Evils: This quest comes from an undead girl in a hut in northern
desolace. If you follow the road north out of the kodo graveyard and then turn right, you will eventually see the camp on the right, and it looks like an orc house. This is a collect quest, and the things you need drop frequently inside, so it's fairly easy to do.

Legends of Maraudon: This quest is given by a dryad in the orange caverns outside the entrance. Just head into the orange caverns, she is in a pool of water, can't miss her. She'll require you to gets two parts to a scepter, one from Lord Vyletongue and one from Noxxion. I will say this... of all the battles we faced in here, Noxxion was the hardest one. The entire party died in the fight, but Sreng managed to kill him with one last swing, and a soulstone let us rise again. It did not happen to us, but apparently many people experience crashes the instant he dies as well. You've been warned.

Corruption of Earth and Seed: This one comes from a group of dryads standing under some trees just south of Shadowprey Village, and is the main quest for the instance. All that is required is to kill Princess Theradras, and overcoming her in combat is only slightly less difficult than overcoming your desire to use the phrase "Dear god she's ugly!" every time you see her.

The Pariah's Instructions: The centaur pariah who gives this quest wanders in the mountains east of the gelkis area and south of mannoroc coven. This quest requires you to first get a talisman from the nameless prophet outside the instance, and then use it to fight and kill the fives centaur khans in Maraudon. Three of the khans are outside the instance, and two roam inside. Once you have the five gems from the khans and the talisman, combine them and return the item to the Pariah for a very nice trinket. NOTE: You cannot do this quest if you did the next quest.

Seed of Life: This quest comes from the spirit of Zaetar after you kill the
princess. NOTE: You cannot do this quest if you did the pariah's instructions. I don't know why, it's just how it works. It requires you to go to the moonglade, and the reward is simply experience.

The Sunken Temple

Also called the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, this instance is located in the middle of the eastern part of the Swamp of Sorrows. We have not yet been here, but I am told it is 51+ for most of the dungeon, but 55ish for the boss, Eranikus. I will just outline the quests for this zone and where to get them, and most require some work:


The Temple of Atal'Hakar: This quest comes from Fel'Zerul in Stonard, and has two steps before it. The first is to gather artifacts from the pool around the temple itself. This is fairly easy as there are no enemies actually in the pool, just look on the bottom and shores, and avoid the elite patrols. The second part sends you to the Hinterlands to find the Atal'ai exile in Shadra Alor. This is an outdoor area with trolls, and you'll find him on a lower landing of the western pyramid. After those two steps, Fel'Zerul will send you into the instance on a collect quest.

Jammal'an the Prophet: This quest comes from the Atal'ai exile mentioned in the previous quest. He sends you into the instance to kill the prophet, which I have heard requires some interesting puzzle solving inside the instance.

Into the Depths: This chain begins with the witchdoctor in Camp Mojache in Feralas. he will send you to Tanaris to speak to a goblin at the Broken Pillar (who also gives the gahz'ridian quest for Tanaris). The goblin will send you to fetch an item in ratchet, and then give you both this quest and the next one for the temple.

Secret of the Circle: See "Into the Depths" for the prereqs to this quest.

Zapper Fuel: In northern Un'goro there is a goblin who will send you on an Un'goro quest against the plant creatures there. When that is complete, he sends you to ratchet to speak to Liz Rizzlefix, who will give you this collection quest for the instance.

Haze of Evil: This one also starts in northern Un'goro, from a goblin very near the one for the last quest. It will also involve some collection in Un'goro first, and eventually send you to the Sunken Temple for a collect quest.

Essence of Eranikus: This quest comes from inside the instance, I believe from an item found on the corpse of the Shade of Eranikus. It will send you to the final boss of the dungeon, more specifically to the essence font behind him.

The God Hakkar: Ok, this one is actually tough to do and tough to get, but the rewards are very nice. It begins in Steamwheedle port with a troll there who sends you to Feralas to get screecher spirits. From there he sends you to Zul'farrak to get two parts of a tablet, one from the Hydromancer and one from Theka the Martyr. The third part is very tough (we died with a three person group). It requires you to go to the top of the pyramid city of Jintha'Alor in the Hinterlands, which is essentially an outdoor instance with 50+ level elites. Once there, you have to enter a cave behind a named priestess and make your way
to the back, where there is an egg guarded by several guards. Once you have this egg and bring it back to steamweedle port, you will be sent to the sunken temple where the quest completion is the activation of an event.
I always thank you for pointing s all the quests we need for this istances. it really come in handy my friend.
Ill be willing to atemt this quest anytime for now. XD
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