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Mar 30 and 31...
We should be good for a lot of people having ~90-150+ arcane resist for saturday which is shiny..

And Thoguht. you comin yes?
i will be late, yet again. won't be home until closer towards 7 server time. friggin work.
I will be there tonight and tomorrow, YES!
Unfortunately, my arcane resist and heroic keys status are lagging behind, but I'll work on them in the coming weeks!
Saturday will have to start an hour late =/ Efluvious, Mizar and I have RL to pretend we care about.
No worries, Thog, we'll get a cloak made for you soon, Nar and I both are able to make them, and have been getting materials for them.. (3x[item]Primal Mana[/item] and 3x[item]Primal Life[/item].. we're using some [item]arcane dust[/item] that we received from the raid to make the cloth for it. We won't be needing it until saturday anyway...

And as far as times go.. we're basically 7 both days then? I think we should try to get going ~10 mins before grey gets on so that we can get to midnight and keeeeeil him right when he gets home and logs...

Also, Tet.. how's the connection going? Improved I hope! I know you were getting booted every 2-5 minutes the last few days..
Amazing run tonight! Looking forward to tomorrow!

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