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Mannoroth nutshell guide
This is a four phase fight.  The first phase involves killing the three summoner adds, one at a time.  We’ll start with the one on the right, then middle, then left.

The first summoner casts a curse on players.  When it expires or is dispelled, it spawns a Doom Lord.  The tank should pick these up.  So, when you have the curse, run to the tank to drop the Doom Lord there, and use mitigation to survive.  The Doom Lords cast Mark of Doom on random players.  It’s a debuff with a big purple circle.  It explodes when you take damage.  Run into the green pool in the center to trigger it.  Interrupt the Shadow Volley.  They also apply Doom Spike to the tanks — swap Doom Lords at 10 stacks of Doom Spike, or use mitigation when it expires at 20 stacks.  

The middle Summoner summons imps.  They must be AoE’d down. The third Summoner summons infernals that charge random raid members, then do a pulsing aura.  Ranged should kill these off.  Don’t kill the last summoner until the adds are down, or almost down, because once the summoner is down, Mannoroth spawns.

Tank Mannoroth at the edge of the platform, with the tank’s back to a pillar.  The raid should group on either side of Mannoroth.  Mannoroth will cast a Glaive Combo on the tank, a series of three attacks:  Glaive Thrust, which does damage and applies a big DoT called Puncture Wounds if not mitigated, followed by Massive Blast (a huge knockback), and another Glaive Thrust.  The current tank must MITIGATE the first Glaive Thrust to avoid getting the DoT.  Then he’ll get knocked back.  The second tank must taunt the boss and use mitigation for the second Glaive Thrust.

Mannoroth’s Gaze is a fear + split damage.  Several players will be feared, and they’ll have a small purple circle around them. When the fear expires it shares damage with everyone within the circle.  A few (2-3) players should go with the feared ones to split the damage.
Fel Hellstorm is a meteor storm, which will happen several times throughout the fight.  Get out of the circular shadows which show where the meteor will fall.  In the final phase, the meteors will rain down almost continuously.

Felseeker is a series of three explosions at the location of a random raid member.  The first explosion deals moderate damage in a small area, marked by a green circle on the ground.  The next two explosions will increase in both damage and size.  Move out of the circles as they grow.

In Phase Three Mannoroth will get some of his flesh back.  The imps will stop spawning, but he retains all his other abilities, and he’ll gain an ability called Shadowforce.  This will target players with a purple beam that will do damage and push them toward the edge of the platform.  Get between the boss and the center of the platform to maximize space.  Run against the beam, use speed boosts, and aim for puddles as these have a slow effect.

Phase 4 starts at 35%, the infernals stop spawning, and all of his abilities become empowered.  Tanks must rotate the boss 180 degrees so the boss is facing the center of the platform.  This will give the tank enough room to be knocked back without falling off.  Mannoroth’s Massive Blast will also send out a frontal cone of purple waves. Stand to the sides. Nobody but the current tank should be in front of the boss.

Mannoroth’s gaze (the fear attack) will now drop a purple pool when it expires.  The size of the pool is proportional to the number of players who help soak the explosion, so no more than two people should help soak to keep these pools small.

Mannoroth’s Shadowforce — the purple pushback beam — will now target EVERYONE in the raid.  Everyone should collapse in front of him so we have lots of room to be pushed back.  You can use the pools left by the gaze to help slow you down if needed.

We’ll use bloodlust in Phase 4.  Use legendary rings on cooldown but save a use for Phase 4.
Here's the 2-minute Line of Sight video.  Highly recommended!

And here's a nice visual guide for the fight

[Image: clFPAgr.jpg]

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