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Malkorok Nutshell Guide
Malkorok is the first boss of Wing 3. He has two phases: the Might of the Kor'kron Phase, which he starts the fight in and which lasts for 2 minutes, and the Blood Rage phase, which lasts for 20 seconds. These two phases alternate until he dies. He has a rage bar that serves no purpose except to help you predict when the next phase change will be (it grows to 100 and triggers the Blood Rage phase, then sinks to zero which triggers the Might of the Kor'kron Phase again).

The biggest challenge in this fight is learning how to deal with the unusual healing mechanics of the Ancient Miasma debuff.

The Might of the Kor'kron phase


Ancient Miasma: Throughout this entire phase, all raid members are affected with a debuff called Ancient Miasma. This debuff causes ALL healing done to raid members to place a damage-absorbing shield on them INSTEAD of healing them. The shields have a MAX capacity of 100% of the player's maximum health. These shields protect players from incoming damage, including fall damage.

Secondly, Ancient Miasma deals a moderate amount of Shadow Damage to all players every 2 seconds.

Fatal Strike: Stacking debuff on the tank which increases damage taken. Requires a tank switch.

Seismic Slam: Massive physical damage to a random raid member, knocking him up in the air. Any allies within a 5-yard radius take the same damage and are also knocked up. He uses this ability every 15 seconds.

Arcing Smash: Series of three frontal-cone attacks that he casts in random areas of his platform about 15 seconds apart. Massive physical damage.

Breath of Y'Shaarj: He uses this about 10 seconds after the third frontal cone attack of Arcing Smash. Deals a lethal amount of shadow damage to anyone standing in the areas of the platform that had been affected by the previous three arcing smash frontal cone attacks.

Imploding Energy: Creates void zones (3 in a 10-man) on the ground that, 4 seconds after appearing, deal a lot of shadow damage to any players standing in them. BUT if there is not at least one person damaged by each void zone, then the entire raid takes a high amount of shadow damage instead. He casts this ever 15 seconds.


* Tanks should tank Malkorok in the center of the room.

* Tank swap: Tanks must perform a tank swap on Malkorok to handle the Fatal Strike debuff.

* Spread out evenly around the platform: The raid should spread out around the platform to minimize damage taken by Seismic Slam. Aim to stay 5 yards apart.

* Avoid getting hit by the three Arcing Smash frontal cone attacks, AND avoid being in the locations affected by Arcing Smash when Breath of Y'Shaarj is cast. You'll need to be quick on your feet!

* Self-organize so that ONE person soaks each Imploding Enervy void zone. Best done by people whose shields are at max capacity. There is no benefit to having more than one person in a void zone.

* All players must avoid taking unnecessary damage, since Ancient Miasma makes it impossible to heal players. The shields can absorb up to 100% of a player's health in damage, but if a player loses his shield and takes damage they can't be healed up (though they can be re-shielded).

* Handling Ancient MIasma: There are several unavoidable sources of damage in this phase: tank damage, damage on players who soak void zones, damage on players targeted by Seismis Slam, and regular raid-wide damage by Ancient Miasma itself. This means that the shields will constantly be worn away, which means that healers will have to spam-heal the raid to keep the shields at max. If players lose their shields and take additional damage before they are re-shielded, this makes them very fragile because they can't be healed.

A particularly difficult moment is right after the pull when nobody has a shield yet and everyone starts taking damage from Ancient Miasma. Find ways to do a lot of burst healing as soon as the fight starts to get the shields up. E.g. the raid can group on top of a resto druid's wild mushroom. But we can't stay stacked for long because the first Seismic Slam hits a few seconds after the fight starts.

Blood Rage Phase

After 2 minutes he will enter the Blood Rage phase which lasts 20 seconds.


During this phase, the Ancient Miasma is no longer in effect.

* Blood Rage: each of his melee attacks deal extremely high physical damage split among all raid members in a cone in front of him.

* Displaced Energy: Debuff applied to random raid members. Deals shadow damage every 3 seconds for 9 seconds. When it expires, or is dispelled, it EXPLODES dealing massive shadow damage to everyone within 8 yards. BUT players affected by the debuff DO NOT take damage themselves from the explosion.

When the Blood Rage phase ends, he gains a stack of Relentless Assault, which is a self-buff that increases his damage done by 25% until the end of the fight. So the fight becomes progressively harder as it goes on.


As soon as he hits 100 rage, the raid should stack in front of him (but watch out for that final Breath before the transition). The raid will then have to endure a grueling 20 second phase of intense raid damage. Healers should use defensive cooldowns for this.

Players with Displaced Energy should move out of the raid to a place where they can be dispelled or wait until the debuff exprires (9 seconds). As soon as the debuff is gone they should stack up again.

We'll use Bloodlust at the start of the fight.


* Perform a tank switch to handle the Fatal Strike debuff.

* Make sure players' shields are at max capacity.
* Dispel players with the Displaced Energy debuff when they are outside the raid.

* Just DPS the boss!

* Spread around the platform during the Might of the Kor'kron phase.
* Stack up during the Blood Rage phase.
* Make sure to soak the Imploding Energy void zones. One person per void zone.
* Avoid the triple Arcing Smash random-direction frontal-cone attack.
* Avoid the locations affected by Arcing Smash, which become lethal during the Breath of Y'Shaarj.

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