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MajorDomo Executus Strategy
Here is an excellent strategy guide to MajorDomo Executus.

Depending on how the Molten Core raid is progressing we will attempt to conquer him in the upcoming weeks.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.warcraftupdates.com/guides/moltencore/majordomo_executus.php">http://www.warcraftupdates.com/guides/m ... ecutus.php</a><!-- m -->

(you will need to go to the above link to see the excellent pics as described below.)

The Majordomo Executus Fight
The Majordomo Executus encounter in Molten Core is a difficult one, both in terms of gear and strategy. Many guilds who farm Molten Core on a regular basis still wipe here because of the complexity of the fight. This is a quick guide to the encounter and a summary plan of how to beat him.

Since Majordomo's adds do both fire (the Elites) and shadow damage (the Priests), it is HIGHLY recommended that those present have plenty of potions to counteract these attacks. Greater Fire Protection Potions, Greater Shadow Protection Potions, and Magic Resistance Potions are a big plus, so everyone should pick one or two of each type up at the AH. If you're a tank, grab a fire protection pot, if you're a mage, grab a shadow protection pot. Everyone should have the magic resistance pots. Have plenty of Heavy Runecloth Bandages as well. We will shadow protect the raid before the pull.

Do NOT bring any weapon to this encounter that has an area effect enchant on it, like Fiery Weapon, as it can break the sheeps and easily wipe the whole raid.
Some fire resistance and shadow resistance gear is a plus here, but don't gimp your stats for high resistances. The melee classes will want fire resist for the Elites AOE, while the ranged chars can suit up in healing/PVP gear.

Setup and Positioning
Majordomo has eight adds that he brings with him when the fight starts. There are four Elites and four Priests that must be killed in order to get Majordomo himself to submit. The mobs are labeled in the picture below. The elites are numbered and the healers/priests are labeled with a "P."

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.warcraftupdates.com/guides/moltencore/majordomo_executus.php">http://www.warcraftupdates.com/guides/m ... ecutus.php</a><!-- m -->

(Here is my rendition of the picture as if you were facing Major Domo)
W= Warrior Elite
P = Priest Minion

#1W P #2W P MajorDomo P #3 W P #4W

At the beginning of the fight, Domo's adds can be sheeped and are susceptible to most forms of crowd control. Their spells can be interrupted by Kick, Shield Bash, and they can be stunned. However, once the raid kills 4 of his adds, the remaining 4 become immune to these effects.
At regular times throughout the encounter, Domo puts a shield around all of his adds. The white shield reflects all magic, and the purple shield reflects all physical damage. Our mods will give us a 5 or 10 second warning when this is about to happen. They will also broadcast the type of shield. Do NOT use magic when the white shield is up, and do NOT melee attack when the purple shield is up. Example: If you are a warlock, take the time to bandage yourself or drink a potion while the white shield is up.

The Pull

Drink all fire protection, shadow protection, and magic resistance potions before the pull. Our main concern early in the fight is to move Domo's adds away from the center and each other. Each Elite will be tanked by one warrior to a separate part of Domo's platform. A hunter pet can be used to pull Majordomo.

The tanking locations are shown below.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.warcraftupdates.com/guides/moltencore/majordomo_executus.php">http://www.warcraftupdates.com/guides/m ... ecutus.php</a><!-- m -->

Elites 1 and 2 are tanked near the edge of the platform to the left.

Elites 3 and 4 are tanked near the wall of the platform to the right.

All four Priest Minions (P) will be sheeped by four assigned mages in the part of the platform shown in the pictures above. The mages assigned to sheep will ONLY be managing their sheep until it is broken by a warrior and killed by the raid. As a mage, do not deselect your priest minion until it is dead, try to keep a Fire Ward active. Keep reapplying polymorph, especially when you see the warning that the shields are about to come up, as the magic shield will reflect the polymorph back onto the caster. Try to keep your Priest sheeped in the area shown, so that you do not go out of range of the healers. Bandage right after casting a new polymorph if needed.

The healers will stand on the near side of the pit, in the area shown in the pictures above. They should be able to heal everyone in the raid from here. Healers will be assigned to certain tanks before the fight.
Majordomo will be tanked where he stands, on the other side of the pit in the center of the platform, in range of the healers.

The Fight
One warrior will be assigned as the sheep breaker. The rest of the raid (rogues, warlocks, hunters, OOM Shamans, spare warriors, spare mages) will follow him around and kill the targets he selects. If you are EVER in doubt of what to attack, assist this warrior.
The warrior's first target will be Elite 4, just to the right of the raid. The warrior will establish aggro, then the raid will kill it. Be careful not to use physical attacks when the physical shield is up, as all damage will be reflected back onto you. Do not use magic attacks when the magic shield is up.
The warrior's second target will be one of the sheeped Priests. He will break the sheep, establish aggro, then the raid will kill it, making sure to interrupt any attempt the Priest makes to heal himself. The warrior will then move onto another sheep and do the same thing until all the sheeped Priests are dead. (sidenote: the last priest will break sheep by itself, since they become immune to crowd control effects once four of Domo's eight adds are down)
After the priests are dead, the warrior will move on to the remaining three elites. The raid kills these, still keeping in mind the type of damage shield on each one. Once the final Elite is dead, Majordomo will submit to the raid and give up his loot.
To summarize the targeting order, we will kill the adds like this:
• 1 Elite
• 4 Sheeped Healers/Priests
• 3 Remaining Elites

Teleport – Any enemy Majordomo is engaged with can be targeted with this random spell that teleports its target into the nearby fiery pit of Molten Core. There is nothing to counter this ability aside from running back. You'll also get randomly hit with 1-2K shadow damage while standing on it, so move out quickly.

The minions can hits for 800 - 1000 damage
their Fire Blast deals 900 - 1200 fire damage

MajorDomo can not be killed, but the encounter ends when all of his eight minions are killed.

Final Notes
• Never use area effect spells (like Consecration, Cone of Cold, Rain of Fire, etc.) in this fight, as they will break the sheeped priests and wipe the raid.
• Warlocks should cast Curse of Shadows on all of the Priest Minions at the beginning of the fight, so the mages can keep them sheeped more easily.
• Warriors/Melee have to notice when the purple shield is up, and stop their attacks when they see it. Otherwise, all damage is reflected back onto them.
• Mages need to pay attention to when Domo is about to cast his shield on his adds, and resheep their Priest Minion before the shields go up.
• Everyone else needs to assist the warrior breaking the sheeps and pay attention to his target.
• Rezzing is very difficult in this fight, so do not expect a rez. When you've taken a big hit or your health is getting low, back out of combat and use bandages and potions to keep yourself alive.
• When one elite is left, the elite and Majordomo will go in supreme mode.& big DPS; Healers must spam heals to keep the two remaining tanks alive while we kill that last elite.
• This battle is a test of the mana efficiency of the healers, who should bring as many Major Mana Potions as possible. Other raid members should be liberal in their use of fire and shadow protection potions, healing potions, and bandages.
Vote Akora for MA!
Study this carefully and get ready for it; we'll be fighting Majordomo Executus most likely on this Friday, July 7th, if all goes according to plan. He will be quite a bit tougher than the Lieutenants of Ragnaros that we have been fighting (the four Salamander lords and the greatest Core Hound, Molten Giant, Fire Elemental and Magma Elemental in the Core!) and I encourage folks to be prepared for a struggle.

Good luck to us all!
"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
NOOOoOO I'm going to miss this! I'm going upnorth for the weekend.. *sigh*

Maybe I should try to cancel...

Next week I am so there! Save me some fun!

Sucks that I'm missing out on our big Domo de-pantsing, but there's a big Pirates outing tonight. I must be true to the Captain!
The verdict:

Ironsong > Majordomo Executus

Continuing Ironsong's streak through the Core, last night on Friday, July 7th, we defeated Majordomo Executus in one attempt. Well done Ironsong. We now possess the ability to summon Ragnaros and will be doing so on an upcoming Friday to be announced. The time we gained adding Gehennas to Wednesday nights has allowed us to fit in Majordomo Executus and finish at approximately the usual time on Friday, so we will take a couple of weeks to practice and hone our skills, to gain some more artifacts of power for the Tribe and build speed on the earlier opponents.

Then: Ragnaros!

We did our best to prepare everyone for Domo, already a harder fight than the others we'd done, and it paid off. I will tell you now that Ragnaros is an order of magnitude above Domo. Despite trying to prepare everyone for the worst case scenario on Domo we were confident we could defeat him at our current stage with a bit of practice. Happily, the Tribe's raiders present pulled together and we did more than /just/ practice. Now we learn to repeat it.

Ragnaros, though, is significantly harder than everything else in there. We /will/ beat him, but it could take weeks. For some groups it takes months. At first it will be a struggle as we learn the encounter's ins and outs despite many of us likely still being shy of our target Fire Resistance and going through many consumables in the process. Collectively we might need time to increase our survivability, DPS, and healing output though all of these are excellent among our members.

I encourage everyone who is looking for things to do in game when we aren't RPing and raiding together to see what items available in small groups or through crafting would help them and work with one another to get some of them! Don't disdain your blue dungeon set if you are still wearing any lower blues or even good greens as I know a few are. Look to the new itemization of the dungeons for great albeit rare epics and less rare upgraded drops. If you find Librams of Resilience try to keep them in the Tribe - someone will pay for them if you need the money and they create an enchantment of +20 FR to the head or leg slot!

Personally, I'm working on my second Libram of Resilience so I can put +20 FR on my Crown of Prophecy as well as working on some of the last encounters for my Dungeon 2 armor upgrade quests so I can use the Virtuous Crown and Virtuous Robes in MC - both have mana regeneration for our longer fights.

Great job Ironsong! Sing True, stand proud, and keep getting ready for the next fun fight - it will be a doozy.

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
What was Damoxian's bet?

Since he lost:

Will he be running nekked through Orgrimmar?

Inquiring minds want to know!
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