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Mail crafting (Leatherworking)
For the up and coming Hunters and Shamen, I am able to craft some mail with my Leatherworking skill.

I have all of the recipes for the tough Scorpid Armor (Breastplate, Bracer, Leggings, Shoulderpads, Boots and Gloves). I would imagine these would interest hunters more so than shamen, but I'll make them for whoever. If you want them soonest, provide me with the necessary Thick Leather and Scorpid Scales. If you're not in a rush, I can harvest them, myself, though it may take some time.

I can also make Turtle Scale Breastplates, Helms and Leggings at this point. Thes tend to have boosts to Intelligence, Spirit and Stamina, though not quite as good an Armor rating as the Tough Scorpid pieces. As with the Scorpid armor, providing me with the Turtle Scales and Thick Leather will get them to you soonest. I can harvest the materials myself, once again, but it will take longer.

Feel free to leave me a message here, via the Azeroth postal system, or speak with me directly in Azeroth.

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