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Maiden of Vigilance
This is a two-phase fight.  The first phase, "Divide and Conquer," is the main part of the encounter.  The second phase, "Watcher's Wrath," is a high-stakes intermission during which the Maiden will jump away and shield herself with a damage-absoprtion shield.  During this phase she begins a channel which does increasing raid-wide damage, finally wiping the raid at 30 stacks.  If we break the shield in time, the channel can be interrupted and the first phase returns.

This fight involves a particular mechanic called INFUSION.

The Maiden will infuse each raid member with either LIGHT INFUSION or FEL INFUSION.  Taking damage from an ability that does NOT match your Infusion will trigger Unstable Soul, which can explode on the entire raid for severe damage.  Much of the fight revolves around positioning that lets us manage infusion:  we'll be positioning to AVOID damage from opposite abilities, while also positioning to SOAK or SPLIT matching abilities.

So, Unstable Soul: this is an 8-second DoT that explodes at the end, damaging the entire raid.  AND, everyone within 5 yards gets knocked back.  Unstable Soul is triggered by coming into contact with any mechanic that does not match your infusion.  It is ALSO triggered directly by Mass Instability.  This damage cannot be out-ranged, it affects everyone.

If you DO get Unstable Soul, you need to jump into the pit in the center of the room.  The pit prevents the rest of the raid from taking damage from the explosion.  (The pit is designed for this purpose, and is shielded with Aegwynn's Ward.)

PHASE ONE: Divide and Conquer

In Phase One, everyone will be infused with either Light Infusion, or Fel Infusion.  Coming within 3 yards of an ally affected by the OPPOSITE debuff, or taking damage from a mechanic of the opposite element, will trigger Unstable Soul.

The Maiden cycles between two Hammer abilities which are the same except that one does HOLY damage while the other does FEL damage.  The Hammers hit the tank AND split a lot of damage between all players standing within a 20 yard cone.  The Hammers also leave behind a void zone that emits Echoes.

* the Hammer of Creation does HOLY damage and leaves behind a Light Remanence void zone which emits Light Echoes.
* The Hammer of Obliteration does FEL damage and leaves behind a Fel Remanence void zone which emits Fel Echoes.

Taking damage from a Hammer, echo, or remanence of the opposite element will trigger Unstable Soul.

The Maiden's Mass Instability also triggers Unstable Soul on several targets.  So even if we avoid mechanics of the opposite type, players will still be getting Unstable Soul.


* Positioning is critical during this fight.  We'll put up raid markers on either side of the boss.  Fel will be to the LEFT and Light will be to the RIGHT.  Fan out behind your raid marker to help split the damage from that hammer.

* Tanks swap periodically to make sure that the Maiden's Hammer matches their debuff.

* Step out of the void zone when it appears.  These void zones decay slowly over time, but as they decay they emit Echoes, which have a 4 yard range, so be careful.

* Anyone afflicted with Unstable Soul has 8 seconds to jump into the pit.  Stand at the edge of the pit until the Unstable Soul debuff is about 2 seconds from expiring, then jump in.  You'll be teleported out after a couple seconds.

PHASE TWO:  Watcher's Wrath

When she switches to this intermission phase, we'll all get stunned for 6 seconds and she'll leap away (ability called "Blowback").  She'll shield herself with Titanic Bulwark, which is a big damage absorption shield that prevents interrupts.  Then she channel a spell (Wrath of the Creators), which does raid-wide Holy damage.  Each pulse does increasing damage, and if the damage reaches 30 stacks she'll wipe the raid (with Extinguish Life).

During this phase Essence Fragments travel around the platform.  There are Fragments of Creation (holy) and Fragments of Fel (fel).

* Coming into contact with a fragment of the opposite infusion triggers Unstable Soul.
*  Collecting Fragments that MATCH your infusion rewards you with Creator's Grace (Holy) and Demon's Vigor (Fel), respectively.  These are stacking buffs that increase damage and healing.


* Use speed buffs to close with the Maiden quickly.

* Collect Fragments fragments that match your type.  They grant a stacking buff that lasts 20 seconds.  Each new stack refreshes the duration of the buff.

These spawn under the maiden and travel outwards in both directions.  They despawn after traveling almost half of the platform's circuit.  They spawn in sets of 6 (three going one way, three going the other way) and are finite in number.  The Maiden starts with 14 "essence Fragment" stacks at the beginning of Phase Two and each set of orbs removes a stack.  Usually the orbs are completely gone by the time her channel (Wrath of the Creators) hit about 10 stacks.

* Use DPS cooldowns in Phase Two BUT hold cooldowns that last less than 20 seconds until after all the orbs have finished spawning to maximize the effect.

* Once the shield is broken, we can interrupt the Wrath of the Creators channel.  We can consider PROLONGING Phase Two by NOT interrupting the Wrath cast right away, and using this time to pump out more DPS, as Phase Two has no other mechanics so it's just a tank-and-spank at this point.  Just make sure to interrupt it before we get 30 stacks.

* Once the cast is interrupted, the boss will resume Phase One, starting with a new Infusion cast.  She'll be at the opposite side of the room so we'll need to reposition over there.
A note to keep in mind - when you jump into the pit, you'll get flung backwards after the debuff expires. So, once you jump in, don't turn around. Otherwise, you'll be flung far away and spend time running back to where you were.
Thanks Kretol!

A quick note, related to what Kretol wrote -- when you jump in the pit make sure to jump facing into the pit.  That way when you get punted out you'll return to a spot close to where you jumped from.  If you face away from the pit and take a step backwards to fall in, you'll be punted out on the opposite side of the circle which means a lot of running to get back into position.

One strat for the essence fragments is for the light group and the fel group to each stack together literally on top of each other in melee range, and have 2 players on each side get the essences that match, on goes left, the other goes right. You can tell by the ground effect what type of essence is about to spawn. because the buff affects players in range, it allows only a few people with the best mobility to get the essences, and the rest to burn the boss.

This isn't the only way to do it, but seems to be a pretty efficient idea
Batrapha, Batnissi, Batolam, Batel, Batya, Batjireh, Batshammah, Batraah.

Yes, I AM batty.
There are a couple differences between Heroic and Normal Maiden of Vigilance:

* Void zone at hammer impact points + bolts

The hammers of Phase 1 leave a pool of fire at the point of impact.  These pools decay and despawn over time.  As a pool despawns, it will send out explosive bolts (fel echoes / light echoes) aimed at random players on both sides.  The impact points will look like swirls on the ground.  The range of the explosions is just 4 yards, and the bolts can be dodged -- just move out of the swirls.  If you get hit by a bolt and you're on the same side, you'll take damage.  If you're on the opposite side then getting hit will not only inflict damage, it'll give you the bomb too.

So, when a hammer is about to fall on your side:

--> Stack up on/behind the tank.

After the hammer falls:

--> players on the same side step out of the pool of fire and get ready to dodge echoes.
--> players on the opposing side spread out and dodge echoes.  (If you get hit by an echo, you'll get a bomb, and will need to jump in the pit).

* Fall speed increase

When you jump in the pit you'll fall at regular speed instead of slow fall.  This means you'll need to time your jump more carefully.

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